Only The Strong sauce tek


Viscosity has to play in part to the pre crystals moving together to form bigger formations…to thick and they can’t move together. Thus why you raise temp…lower viscousity


My crystals are at about 70-75° during the day and about 60-65° at night since i sleep in the cold, i dont wanna put it up to 80° cause ive tasted the flavor loss of all the slabs ive made that go past 75°. With how fast these crystals are growing do you all think a temperature fluctuation cycle is better than a straight temp one?


I think the shifts actually help…I had good growth like the mountain you got when I moved to heat then off heat for a few days till I started to see growth.


yeah no.

nucleation is the formation of the initial crystal “nucleus”. be that a homologous or heterologous interaction

two cannabinoids walk into a bar. they bump into each other and stick. that is the beginning of a crystal and nucleation.

two cannabinoids walk into a bar. one bumps into a barstool and sticks. his buddy comes to help and sticks too. also the beginning of a crystal and nucleation.

First: nice work!! and great weaponry :wink:

second: if you look at that under magnification, you will see well defined crystals. So while the cannabis extraction community might call that “nucleation”, it is in fact crystallization.


It’s the beginning! Like I said not the same as a finished chain! But it is not a actual formation…the chain stops in corral to solvent! That’s why I gave examples of slabs that nucleate!


It’s all about saturation of any given solvent…
Temperatures increase and lower solubility points, and pressure is only important to maintain saturation, the slow evaporation is key to keep the saturation level correct as the thca crash and stack out there becomes an increase in solvent, so releasing some solvent puts the saturation level back into the desired part of the curve to compensate.
The terps are more of a co solvent and they can cause nucleation and help the actual solvent we have better control of to keep it a solution.
Re crystallizing in pentane proves terps are not necessary for crystalization doesnt it?


The point I guess I was trying to make…like sugar vs rock candy! Both are sugar crystals (just like thca is a crystalline) but in a super saturated solution they chain up. And that chain is the variable…based on solute and saturation. So I guess it’s just how far we wanna spit hairs here. And the article was discussing slab sugaring.


…so “cannabis” not “chemistry”.

which was what I’m trying to address…


Terpenes are a solvent that can cause the nucleation was my point never said they had to be there. I was pointing out how high terp extracts nucleate due to high terp levers aka solvents


I’m curious to know if the terps effect the polarity of the initial solvent.
I was just replying in general to the back and forth argument above, not directed at one individual…


He said he evaporated most the solvent, I was saying the terp faction is solvents that could be causing the nucleation when jared…as it does with sandwiched high terp slabs…which are purged.


and the point I am trying to get across is that “nucleation” IS by definition the formation of a crystal.

There is absolutely a relationship between crystal growth and saturation level, and granularity matters to the consumer. You’ve got the production down. I’m just trying to get the correct language in place.


I’ve evaporated all of the solvent and have gotten no nucleation! Literally looks like distillate…heated for a month too…


Sugar is a crystalline just like Thc… It’s not a “diomond”…this industry has to many definition for various states of extraction.


Did u blast dry ice cold, if pure,it almost wants to Crystallize on it’s on…and if wadny blasted cold enough and you go about this usually it budders
I’ve never seen that happen unless material was so old it was naturally decarb…and never seen it myself


yep. so lets stop making shit up and use the terms chemists have defined for us.

or not. but it does make it easier to dive into the primary literature if you’re not starting with a definition made up just for cannabis.

Based on my reading of the crystallization literature; much of the cannabis community is misusing the term “nucleation”.

I’m just trying to play translator here.


I never called it a diamond…so…is it yes sugar is micro Crystalline?

Also I several times stated not talking about nucleated shatter… Which looks like may be just micro Crystalline anyway


Cold is all I run! Dual stage true dewa setup. And…I also soak for 2 hours!


The picture I posted was fully nucleate in 24 hours! Poured as a slab to be a slab! Did that all on its own just based on it’s terpene %


IMHO what I see on that tool is not sugar. It is sugar size crystalline and the only difference between that and refined diamonds is the terps have not separated yet.