Only The Strong sauce tek


Your diamonds are done in 7 days or your sugar? 7 days for sugar to finish sounds normal


sugar mostly


Isn’t sugar better though, as in easier to handle and purge? I mean who desnt like big fuckers though


It’s preference…but sugar is more nucleation not the same as crystalline formations.


Idk about all that…


I’m calling in big gun…sugar vs diamonds… Only talking if run the EXACT same, just one doesn’t have as much SOLVENT at seal…

Sugar equals tiny diamonds… diamonds,same material just grown into larger pieces… Even sugar under magnification would look Crystallize right?

I’m no expert, that’s why I’m asking…my sugar clear if run the same


I read a article about nucleation and is specifically mentioned is was not crystallization. Crystals grow, nucleation is just the separation of thca and terpenes. If you jar of a highly sap extract, the Terps evaporate and crash back down into the extract(kinda like when you sandwich a terpy slab in between parchment paper…and you get sugaring


Maybe we are talking about 2 separate things…

Follow otss , no cold crash, let all solvent evap(still tons trapped) seal…sugar… Not enough solvent for slow evap…

I’m not referring to taking shatter and letting it set,bc is terpy sep.


It’s the terp faction the causes slabs to nucleate! Just like if you evape most solvent and jar up…the terps and not evaporated and crash back in cuaseing nucleation…the example is why high terp extract s sugar! You’re not getting what I’m saying I think…I know otss tek!


Terpenes are solvents in themselves…


U think all the solvent is gone once visual solvent gone?..stick it in the vac and find out…I know terpenes are it for shatter thatbeen Purged down, and sugars

But in this case it’s both, bc the moment visual solevent gone ,let set 24hrs at room temp, the solvent not ALL gone…a full vac pull would prove it(but I don’t do that)

Shatter that’s been purged w terps still, yes nucleation…

I just think they WAY to much solvent still to factor it out…bc technically,it’s not all gone at the seal, just visual stuff


Nucleation is essentially the first chain in the crystals growth…basically all the suger should chain to form crystal formations! But when they don’t they stay as small particles.


I’m just trying to understand myself why I’m asking…

One guy says one thing, another says another…

But you get what I mean about all the solvent isn’t gone yet right? So it can’t stack, bc not enough to slow evap…

Not talking about shatter setting up, that was purged and just terpy… Talking about not purging just jarring after visual evap


Like I said terpenes are solvents themselves! Thus why nucleation in slabs happens is my point! They are purged of hydrocarbons…so the nucleation is from the terp faction in said extract! (Generally 6% terpene faction with nucleate quickly) that’s why if you evape to much solvent…the chain stops!


U definitely do NOT get what I’m saying…

Once again ,I’m not referring to a slab that’s been purged and left to set and the remaining terps are causing this…

Go back and read just to make sure we are on same page, refer to what I’m saying,

not slab that’s been purged(solvent removed )

If I don’t vac it first and remove all that solvent when it’s BUBBLING…

Does this change the game?

Remember I’m just asking don’t get mad…bc tons solvent left, like it’s both doing it…my lids Buldge!


Dood! Those are examples…I get what you’re saying! You just don’t see what I’m saying! Yes there is solvent left…


There you go thanks :facepunch:

Just that slab don’t have any solvent left, my jar does…the lid buldges, one the reason i THOUGHT it has something to do with the way I’m talking about… My sugar really clear too, bc it’s same way I run diamonds

I’m wrong

And I already know terps are solvents, not what I was pointing out,
was all the remaining solvent gassing off during the process…

It doesn’t matter I guess, I learn something everyday


Terpenes equal solvents, solvents equal nucleation, nucleation is the first link in crystallization…if the solvent faction is not right the chain stops!


24 hour nucleation


From what im noticing the more solvent i leave in the better and faster my diamonds are forming. Im sure its to a certain extent. But my terp fraction in my green jar is almost a water consistincy still and im on day 16, and its the best growth ive seen yet. It seems like anyone can make sugar, its so simple. The diamonds and figuring out the perfect growth cycles, hot-cold cycles, sounds, frequencies, i think is where the games at :slight_smile:


Damn that dabber rad af

This run turned out lil large, I thought bc had tons terps, I poured them off already…most time they lil smaller but clear as fuck and sep pieces…all solvent evap, wait 12-24hrs sealed… Only reason I guess I was thinking like that

Also I was explained like this…

Nucleation is like when a fully process chocolate bar, ready for consumption, is left out , over time gets the white powder… Breaking back down…

Also like a fully purged slab that’s terpy , left out ,the more terps ,the faster it nucleates…

I was just thinking bc mine not fully processed,bc never vac, and same thing as otss, just way less solvent , but still tons( bc not fully processed)
Don’t know if it’s still nucleation,if I’m wrong I leaned something for sure…