Only The Strong sauce tek


do you have them on heat at all? Some of my runs turn out pretty thick and will not move at room temp due to not dewaxing. I put those jars on heat so they’re runny enough to move like honey and they will always grow sugar to 1-2mm sized crystals


no heat at all, should i place on heating pad …like the one i use for seedlings or clones?


85-90 seems to be the heat temp used most often, careful heating pads usually are at 104
You’re probably fine at room temp, if you dont see growth after a week, heat will probably help…
The only time I’ve used heat was when I got no growth after a week and a half


I have been using this for a few months and it works great and temp is pretty accurate->


yeah if you continue to see no growth after a while I would put it on slight heat

@Cryo13 is on point with this post

I personally have been putting all of my jars on heat lately because I’m going for sugar sized pieces and it speeds the process up as I cap with barely any solvent at all, so it’s naturally pretty thick. I don’t use a traditional heat pad, however I have a PID controlled pad from BVV that sticks on the bottom of their vac chambers. It does an alright job, but there are definitely temp swings from it. It seems to do better with jars than slabs though because the glass buffers the temp swings a bit compared to PTFE sheets. I have the pad set to 95F and the bottom of the chamber reads 80-85. When I have bigger runs I’ll turn the PID to 110 and the chamber reads 95 on the laser.

Really not sure what the jar temp is as the laser doesn’t get a good reading on glass.


i can usually get sugar in 4 to 7 days.


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What’s the prv relief at?.. If low enough I’m wondering if the gauge is even needed…

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I know the gauge is kinda extra! (Like me! :joy:) but I wanted to see if I could find a correlation in psi and grown! I went with a 20psi PRV! Also found stainless bands that are stronger then the tin pos’s! Most excellent!! :laughing:


I think this is what we are doing,


day 15


side view day 15


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How do you know when they’re done growing?


When it’s been a few days and you have noticed no change. For me it’s been usually 3-4 weeks in depending on the temperature they were kept at


not sure why it takes everyone so much longer than me. i have sugar within 24 hrs if i dont put it on dry ice or put it in the freezer


Are you getting nucleation or actual formations?


not sure what nucleation is, but it looks alot like sugar crystals and small dimonds.
i ment i have sugar formations in 24 hr. and its usually done in 4 to 7 days