Only The Strong sauce tek


To the best of my knowledge CBDa does not crystallize.
I would guess that the THCa saturation will not be high enough in order for it to crystallize, due to the drop in concentration.


CBDa can for sure crystallize, I believe it has 2 types of lattice it can structure. From what I understand it’s a bit troublesome to make it happen.


It will pass 4 days @ 85 but will probably be around 800-1k ppm to get below 500ppm I have needed to get it to 90f
I take a piece of parchment and smear it over it to get it thinned out…
Pyrex dish would be better


how often should i burp, should i burp at all?


were do you get the seed frum???


From a legal dispensary, or a friend in a recreation state, or from first attempt at making them use what ya get to seed the next batch.


Im curious about this too. Im on day 13 since i capped the lid, still have crystals growing each day. Once there was enough solvent evaporated to where the lid wouldnt burst off i capped and havent burped since. i think once the crystal growth stalls out your suppose to burp and then a few days after that pour terps off, but hopefully someone more experienced chimes in. Im only on secone attempt.


I personally never burped mine either, do what works best for you, but I dont think most ppl burp if they got it right, if you do try, do it after growth seems to have stopped which may be around the 3 week mark


Also is the “dan greenthumb youtube” aka big dan tech even real or is that just bullshit?


hi everyone
this is a great place to read and learn… just ran into a problem…

so i had growth while in the cryo stage and then took the jars out, put the lids on tight and placed in room tempature. all the crystal growth i did have seems to have dissolved into the butane. what do i do now? should i place back into cryo or leave it to grow again in room temp?

had some nice sized diamonds until i took it out of the freezer!


If you read close you will see that the crystals will redissolve and form a clear liquid on the bottom once it warms to room temp. This is normal and what you want to happen. Seal it up and let em go let em grow.


ok great thank you! one thing is one of the jars seems to have a sludge in it now, like honey or a pasta sauce consistency. is this ok or did i not leave enough butane? if i keep as is will it grow or do i need to add some of the other jars butane into it. what do you suggest?


If you want larger crystals ad butane. If it’s a high terpene plant, you might not need to tho. I have made diamonds in some pretty thick oil, but it was a super stanky strain.


yes it was stripper spit that was covered in trichomes like i never seen before. just covered! so if i want larger crystals to add some of the other jar if not it will separate and grow still … glad i asked! ok well i will keep it as is for now, thanks again!!!


Trichomes aren’t terps tho. As long as it’s stanky and tasty, it should be good


Just got these new jars, and I’m pretty impressed. Way more hd than other brands, and a kind of double lid top. Also they are wider and have a pretty good selection of straight walled jars. Also their packing is a 10/10. I tried several other brands including ball, and Bernardine, and they all arrived with broken and cracked jars. I think two jars popped on me because I used cracked jars I didn’t notice.


Did you have any solvent at seal?

If so and it’s just gone after 24hrs you’ll still be fine…

Sugar diamonds ok, maybe sugar in the raw sized sugar? Then just wait, you may even get larger than that if high terpenes,bc will naturally make thinner to let move more freely in the molecular level, heat will do same effect…

If was my first time…I wouldn’t do anything at all, just leave sealed… Perfect learning experience…
Unless you already have experience with any kind Crystallization at all, big or small…
Then restart…


I have also watched a few of his YouTube videos , his process seems to differ from the one here so I was wondering the same thing myself :sunglasses:


yep in 24 hours it was a syrup or even harder then that. at least the one in the small jar. both are sealed. this is my first time and i have no experience with this at all. all i have made is shatter, sap, live resin, etc, etc. would love to try to make caviar after this. any direction for caviar or links?

thanks everyone! this place is amazing! great vibe and good learning for everyone


If it’s still runny at all even thick syrup will get you sugar, I’d keep going, if you get no growth then consider starting over, otherwise give it a couple weeks, or add a little heat to thin it out a touch…