Only The Strong sauce tek


Question…does the small specs on side stay small or get large?

Just curious bro is all… diamonds or sugar diamonds…

Just asking u always have some the clearest solution!!! Looks wonderful!


Most of my diamond runs are sugar size with some larger pieces. The biggest diamonds I have made were from a dry cured run but they did not taste nearly as good. Fresh frozen tastes soooo much better than dry cured diamonds. I purchased some big diamonds from a dispensary that looked awesome but had no or not a great taste and was lacking terps. Also the high was flat and not comparable to diamonds w/terps. I smoke/dab more than anyone I know so have a high tolerance and I will not smoke distillate carts(most is made from bad oil)and large diamonds without terps. I am always open to suggestions for improvements if you or anyone else has any. I would not extend the time to a month like some do for larger diamonds though. My times from after cold crash to finish is about 2 weeks. Here are some pics of whats left of my last live run of GG#5


im the same way, after growing some bigger diamonds, and growing smaller sugar, I prefer the sugar because it comes out faster and is easier to manage. btw that stuff looks amazing :drooling_face:


I always say big diamonds are for IG little diamonds are to dab lol. At least for me personally that’s how it goes I don’t like breaking up huge diamonds but everyone wants them


Thanks I don’t even smoke the larger diamonds I made from dry cured and just use them for seeding. I am a terp freak.


Yeah I’m same way…smaller sugar size much easier to dab and much faster. 2wks is the magic number.

But yeah I’m really starting to think large diamonds over rated… My throat can’t handle, plus who can really dab .25 and .5 at once and enjoy it?..not me

Plus main thing…I bet to all those in the industry making sugar looks safer than jarring solvent to the fire marshal and your bosses!!!.. especially when the same reaction happens at the same speed if you let every drop evap or just recover all!!!


the middle diamonds are about to grow out of the terps in the middle lol DAY 12!!!


my sauce turns into a solid when i cryo crash it did i wait to long to cap and crash, is there a way to save it?


U just didn’t have enough solvent…if u move on you’ll be fine bc before it froze it dropped most the thcA, so it’s layered frozen…imo


so you use the larger diamonds to help other diamonds grow when making a new batch ? , i just want to be sure :slight_smile:




Yes that’s how I do it. It is better to seed with larger diamonds than sugar diamonds.


I had a hill grow out of some of last year’s trim that I ran. It was strange at first but it ended up pretty nice.


Side view day 12


thanks so much for the quick reply !


I see u made it…welcome and cheers!


here’s a seeded jar


Ok perfect i"m going to try this seeding with my next batch , this sites amazing i’ve just been reading and trying to learn as much as possible , thanks everyone !


what would be the correct temp to purge sauce at in this case ?


Hello! If i make this tek with 50/50 THC/CBD buds what will i take? Will this make THCa and CBDa crystals or it will make a layer of THCa crystals with a sauce of teprenes and CBDa or the opposite? Could this even make the extract unable to crystallize at all? @ Otscc