Only The Strong sauce tek


Just sauce by itself? I’ve never tried just sauce honestly, I know the ones I haven’t washed and sent for testing came back around 650ppm because the sauce doesnt purge well at 85


My sauce doesn’t sizzle when purge properly

Could need to be bumped up lil more if does during purge? Or time


Mine doesn’t sizzle when finished. I just test it by dabbing.


So I guess I’m asking does a no sizzle dab = less than 500 ppm butane in the live resin in general?


Also damn? The sauce is my favorite part. I’ll do all sauce dabs. More flavor to savor


That’s always been my go to for that assumption, and testing seems to make that valid so far…
My sauce has mostly been non dewaxed so it’s pretty veggy tastin so I have avoided it…


If u just freeze w standard column and run w cryo solvent bump w that n2 you should keep much that veggy behind without running that 2nd stage…


I never dewax just freeze w dry ice and all my sauce tastes good. It’s usually fresh frozen, but not always. Small runs tho


Maybe 1/10 will have slight veggie taste


That’s how I do all my runs now…
My last few diamond runs have been crap material so the sauce smelled horrible so haven’t really had a chance to make good sauce yet, to busy making slabs.
I’ve only done one live run so far (fresh frozen)
And it didnt get made into diamonds I can only imagine its spectacular though


I grow buds so I never wanted to use the “good shit” to make oil. But now I’m staring to want to run atleast some of my best buds fresh frozen lol . It got my hooked on the flavor. The straight essence of a single plant is where it’s at.


i know 350 ppm i almost impossible to tell. extremely late lite nose burm

i just had some tested, because i was done way to soon


All my cold crashes have looked the same. I use only fresh cryo frozen material down to -86c and no trim. I run a separate dewaxing chamber with 2 filter stacks w/Pro Pak distillation packing. My terps always taste awesome so hard to believe I have lipids in there. I will know for sure in a few weeks or so. Here is a pick from my last shatter run.


Me too I love smoking the terp sauce I pour off the diamonds from a fresh frozen run. I have a high tolerance but get baked on terp sauce.


Ever fill ccells with sauce? Probly the most convenient way to get stupid high and best tasting carts I’ve tried.


I make my own stuff too…

Running your best, I tell u this… You’ll wanna grow nothing but the best and run nothing but the best…

I’m fucking spoiled now so thanks guys!

Hell I tossed whole plant into last batch trim larf just bc …well hell bc I can …after I have enough just do it, you want regret it…but I have extra flower , so why not…

But no shit. Running the best I’ve found even my trim larf runs you can NOT tell difference

Probably why my small batches come out good as something from dispensary…
If not better I’ve been told


It’s bc terps are the DELIVERY system for the cannabinoids…

I even think certain terps deliver it better to different places in the body… Just from experience
I’m firm believer in this!!!


yeah I’ll definitely back this up, I grow my own stuff too and can’t tell a difference between nug runs and trim/larf runs, they all come out the same, extremely terpy and crystals stack no matter what I do. I did the same thing with my last run actually haha. I have a few lbs on hand from a few amazing harvests the past few months so I ran a full plant as I didn’t feel like trimming any of it. I also ran a trim run the day after, same strain, and side by side you can’t tell a difference at all. The only difference I’ve noticed in nug runs is you pull a few g’s extra in the end. Trichomes are trichomes, regardless of where they are on the plant, and all we’re doing is collecting the goodies inside.


I’ve also felt this way! And the term ‘nug run!’ Was simply marketing to get more for some growers mess up that couldn’t make it to market! So they bump up that price making the wooks think it’s something Mo betta! :laughing:


Day 2 after cold crash and 1 day after seeding with only .25g seed