Only The Strong sauce tek


Pour it into another jar, if you didn’t blast cold enough your gonna have a hard time pouring


okay so i just open blasted a little bit of shatter into a jar outside. kind of like a butane emulsification. Using this

Device I made. So right now the jar lid is 1/4 way turned in an empty stainless bucket outside. Will the butane evaporate on it’s own? Is it safe to just leave the jar there? When do I burp. Sorry I keep asking the same questions over and over again.


the jar and lid are liable to fail if there is too much solvent versus solute…it will off gas…and find your weak link!


You need to add dry ice and isoalcohol around the outside of jar in the bucket to achieve a good cold cash. Leave in dry ice slurry for 24 to 48 hour. Only have top lid on not the twist cap for this step, then take out a set room temp for a hour or until it looks perfectly supersaturated.


Only an hour? Time will vary in temp and solvent amount…


Cant see it being more than 2 hours, if it takes more than that you should of recovered more solvent before beginning the jar phase


remedied by placeing in my collection pot as a miner.


Yet again depends on system size…it’s not just like baking cookies! There are variables at play.


The superstauration point seems easier to see and eyeball than to measure, i understand measuring for first few times but after doing it ive noticed you can see the point where the bubbles slow down and it forms a semi heavy top layer. I geuss the more solvent ya leave in the better to the extent of it being low enough to not blast the cap off. If the cap pops and it still seems sealed just check for bubbles to start forming, good notion that there is a leak.


You realize you said to wait an hour (a unit measurement)for the cap, then just said to eyeball it… That’s what I was saying! The time can vary! Watching of the super saturated zone…also you can see this line in the cold crash.


Not sure where I got 20khz from. I just checked and my 3L unit runs at 40khz. Gonna order a frequency generator next.


Are you going to order a transformer too or just hack into the cleaner you have?


how much do you guys normally gt off of a pound ball park?


Just be careful letting butane evaporate in a container like that, it likes to settle in low places its heavier than air, so keep in mind, that stainless bucket is very flammable as it fills with butane vapors.

Keep in mind the boiling rate changes as saturation increases, and butane gets cold as it reacts to atmosphere so it can self cool itself to appear to be super saturated when it’s not quite there…
Things I’ve learned an seen recently…


Yes thats exactly what i said. Wait an hour OR until it looks perfectly saturated meaning it could be ready before an hour or after an hour. Regardless of everything you gotta just eyeball it in the end when capping, and keep a spare top lid in case it bows out to much.


i put it in my collection pot with the vacuum port open as a vent


I also ordered a transducer.


The sugar you see are very small thc crystals that crashed very rapidly out of solution, they often form as an aggragate and clump together.
The difference between the two is the larger more well formed crystals tend to be purer due to the better construction of the crystaline matrix.
The precipates tend to form less pure crystaline structures and trap inclusions from the mother liquor.
Thats all I got!


For sure can be done without de-waxing… I was growing some fatty’s with just an inline micron filter and chilling my non-jacketed column in the freezer overnight.
Chilling your solvent helps too but also not totally necessary.


Test run in the EcoMiner 4200! Seeing growth at around 8-10 psi…