Old school Honey Oil


Anyone know how to make Honey Oil ? Instructions would be appreciated, Thanks. You know the stuff we got back in the 70’s early 80’s that you would smear on a paper and then roll a doob for smoking enjoyment

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we used to just use cold everclear soak on trim and evap on a plate warm enough to decarb


Uhh you want a paid consult?

Let me know


Just making it for myself, but thanks anyway


Thanks, looking for a little more info. Thanks…I read that I make an alcohol tincture and then filter thru charcoal(I imagine food grade)and evaporate on low heat ?


That stuff had a unique but very pleasant taste and bouquet but I haven’t seen anything like it in the modern concentrate offerings. I’d love to know how they made it too.


Just plain old rso as far as I know. If you want to make it a little nicer you can winterize and carbon scrub.

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No, very different than RSO. It had a beautiful red color and a somewhat floral fragrance. I had heard that it was actually made from hashish, perhaps from some sort of pressing operation not unlike a modern rosin press. It was very expensive and hard to come by.

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I remember it, it had a lemony smell and was really strong…u had to heat it with a lighter held close to it to get it to drip on your bowls or blunts…I always wondered how that was made I remeber it being really potent. Way different than bho.
Maybe it was a limolene extract since terpenes can dissolve thca more than butane…I would assume that’s were the potency and smell came from…just a guess


Back in the day before the word dab, old heads always called my bho honey oil and would start telling me all that back in the day stuff.

This was also before rigs, so we sat at the stove with a hooter and some knives

Edit: I am aware it is not the same


old school?


Qwet is the one


Yep, we used to use a heated paperclip. Just straighten one end and hit it with a lighter then dip in the oil and spread it on a rolling paper.


What i know of honey oil is that iT was Made of high quality hash ( no clorophyl)
IT was Made with a non polar solvent
And decarbed


Yeah I’m guessing it wasn’t a very complicated process. After all, this was 40 years ago and coming from third world countries.

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Winterize and carbon scrub ? Not familiar with those terms, Thanks


You a real funny guy


Fuck the nostalgia. Modern techniques prevail. I’m doing consults for about $100 worth of items on my —> wish list
You will waste more $ than that trying to make your own meds without guidance.

That being said use the search bar and you can learn about ethanol extraction for free.


our old honey oil was basically an iso quick wash evaporated in a wok outside.
oh how times have changed.