Oklahoma need gas supplier for today ours just backed out

guys we got need company in Oklahoma I’m helping we can’t find any dry ice to we need an 500lb tote… each place says cal the next place.

I need every source in Oklahoma that sell 1 500lb tote I’ll make an account as it’s a Legal business

please help

Calling all @trust_level_2. @trust_level_3 @trust_level_4.

who keeps ice on stand by?


You don’t have a gas supply company in the area?


Good luck, dry ice is kind of hard to get right now. I have had to switch to liquid nitrogen to continue running.

side note, I hardly think calling all the trust levels was needed for one person needing dry ice.



We seem to get it.

Yeah, I was gonna say the same.

That is not what the tag is for.

Most of us don’t live in ok I imagine.


There has been a regional shortage here because of fires in British Columbia. The rail way that brings the totes went through the fire.


Good Afternoon,

We think we can source this for you.

Where are you located in Oklahoma?


its difference in me getting on plane in the morning or not so I deemee it worthy


admore ok. please we need the big tote and all otherwise we buying 5 cheap Walmart fake yeti


yeah but I don’t know who does so if you dont why bother w negativity


I shot you a dm


We are still getting it over here on the other side of the state. Prices up a few cents though.

Wonder if the store near me uses a different supplier?

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Let me make a couple of calls


Price isn’t up. Praxair had a demand for 1.5 million lbs a month and got 600,000 lbs to fill that demand. I walked in needing 250 lbs for my day and got 120 lbs. They know my routine so I’ve been limited to 120 lbs. Haven’t run in about 2 weeks because of it. Running friday so we’ll see


I have a buddy who is going to check on how much the ethanol guys will have left over tomorrow. He’s already gone for the night and won’t be able to check until he gets back to the lab. But the guys over there get an excess of 3k lbs a week and always have leftover


We offer same and next day delivery out of our Shawnee OK location from Dallas to OKC, Tulsa and we also run a truck into Missouri weekly.

We supply industry-leading Hydrocarbon Gases with 3 Phase Cylinder Decontamination before every refill, Dry Ice, Chemicals and all leading and off brand medias such as Carbon Chemistry, Media Bros and Chemtek.

We deliver this all on one truck and we also accept cash, card, paypal, venmo and more.

We clean every gas cylinder before every refill so your lab, system, people and consumers are not exposed to toxic petroleum waste accumulations such as benzene and other cancerous heavy metals.

We have a full suite of chemicals such as ethanol, denatured ethanol, ipa, pentane, heptane, hexane, acetone and more all delivered on one truck.

We produce dry ice to order so it is always fresh, like a hot dog sliced with a razor blade and never like an old bar of soap in your shower because we know a pound of fresh dry ice is more valuable than a pound of sublimated dry ice.

We have no order limits, offer bundle and volume discounts when ordering other products with your dry ice.

We have everything you need from carbon chemistry, media bros and chemtek stocked and ready for same day pickup or next day delivery.

Visit www.solventdirect.com to learn more or check out our interview live from Green Grow Fest in Depew OK a few weeks ago:



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