Oil is bumping

Currently got a 2L set up to get started.

My first run came out pretty good but yesterday I tried running some new material and all of the oil that I had in my boiling flask kept bumping up the moment I pull a vacuum(4.90torr) I was regulating it and I was trying to pull the vac as evenly as possible that I could but it still bumped and it got all over the head and my collection cups.
My mantle was at 150 at the time.
What could be causing this?
Is it possible that I didn’t leave it in the rotovap enough?
Am I putting too much material to begin with?

I only put 500g in a 2L set up.

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Too hot+ too much vaccum at the start. Try pumping till your material offgasses, then creep up on the vac+heat. Bumping is basically flash boiling.


I hate to be technical but the correct term is “puking”, and not “bumping”. l read it on the internet so it’s true.


Did you decarb the material prior to flask loading?

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No I didn’t.
Can I just put it in a vac oven and let it decarb?

I recall seeing a graph somewhere about decarbing.

A convection oven or in a beaker on a stirring hot plate works better. Make sure you don’t fill the vessel more than 2/5s full, I’m sure you know why by now…

I like to decarb around 120c for 10-15 minutes, then once the bubbles calm down a bit I crank it to 140 for a few minutes (devolatilization) often the oil will cease to bubble at this point


Thanks future.

if you don’t decarb before the boiling flask, you’re also putting acids in the boiling flask, which has been implicated in isomerization to mystery peaks.


You don’t need a special unit to decarb oil you intend to distill. The way I do it is in the flask(s).

Method one: Put raw THCa and stuff into boiling flask. Flask goes into mantle. I stack two kugelrohr style bulbs verticle onto that. Onto the top kugelrohr I insert a ¼ barb fitting glass adapter with a glass frit. Then I pull vacuum deep as it will go. Then heating mantle on at about 100C on the mantle. Oil slowly pukes then drains back into flask helped a bit by warming the bulbs with a torch. It gets done pretty fast and temp is fairly low. One bulb to clean though the second bulb will have some spatters.

Method two: Same as idea one but instead in my sublimator. I put a coffee mug warmer into the cold finger water which boils the water then run the sublimator at low temp and deep vacuum. It takes more patience and the vent valve needs bumping at first to prevent an expanded foam effect from filling the sublimator… but once you get the idea down it also works fast.

Method three I have not used yet and involves tactical thermo nuclear weapons use. This method speaks more to my diagnosis of grandios delusional tangential thinking moreso than a practical solution but it would of course be the very fastest way to completely decarb your compound…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::flushed::sunglasses:

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