Now interviewing in Oklahoma

Looking for an experienced ETS M.E.P. operator. Must be able to seed, crc, make badder and all the basics.

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How much you offering ? Seems like you have equipment but don’t know how to use it so basically need someone to start the hash side of your business.

Are you offering equity or Profit sharing? Are you hiring properly taxes employees or 1099 contractors?

Also love how CRC, the newest technique on the market, is lumped in with “the basics.” @murphymurri


You probably already know this, but inline color removal is really not new - maybe to instagram and this site - but folks have been doing it quietly without much fanfare for a while, it just now has a trendy name. but to your point lumping it with “the basics” trivializes it when a certain amount of technical knowledge is required for its effective application.


Yes I agree, I read out bleaching for seed oils before I knew what the media’s even were and long before Carbon Chemistry sold them.

Also, I asked Boris from Bizzybee about in-line florisil and magisil 2 years ago for pesticide remediation(don’t do much gas extraction but always curious) and was told a few were already using media’s inline, just not specifically for bleaching.

But I’m totally off topic lol


why do you think you need an operator with ETS experience?

There is noting particularly special or unique about the MEP, it’s just another CLS…although it’s not one of my favorites, it is certainly usable in a production environment (with the right ancillary equipment).

Limiting your talent pool to only those who have used that particular machine is counter productive. The folks who are actually good at this can perform their magic on pretty much any CLS. Many are running rigs that they have modified from OEM or pieced together themselves.

That is where you should be looking (imo).

Did your MEP come with a color remediation cartridge, or do you expect your operator to spec that for you? (anyone found room on an ETS rack for a CRC?).

I moved this from “cannabusiness” to “job opportunities” because I doubt you’re offering equity or profit sharing. happy to move it back if I’m wrong and this is actually a business opportunity…


More info…

Allow me to add info. I started growing 18 years ago and own this company myself and have built it from the ground up. We are not some corporate bullshit. I own the companay and I run the machine. We are looking for an experienced operator to run a mep30 with a 4 " bussy bee freestanding crc colom that I would like to attempt passive recovery using liquid co2 on, although we do have a corkin pump. I am willing to offer profit sharing or partial ownership. I will also consider helping a grey market company come into the white. I have sops but respect the operator and there ip. Real G’s step up.


We run the MiniMEP and have been using the reducer from the material column and a filter plate as our “CRC.”


Apparently it comes with the machine/as an OEM add on these days.

Still a work in progress…

what part of ok are ya in?

Hey @cyclopath could I make it work? Just Curious. Haven’t been on much lately but hey . And thanks for all you do ! For real I’m still learning from our conversations!!

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I might be able to get you there faster…

Hit me up via DM, or hit my cell up if you’re ever really stuck.

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Thanks I’ll do that!

Thanks I needed that vote of confidence! I know I could make it purr for me!

What if u don’t need to seed :wink: hahahah