North Carolina Hemp Outfits?


Hey All,

Curious if anyone here has any exposure to the NC hemp scene? I moved back to Oregon from NC in 2013 to get into the cannabis space. After exploring this market for 5 years I am considering the ironic possibility of moving back to NC to get into hemp. Any contacts for discovery would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


NC is super awesome for hemp you can do a lot there compared to most states on the consumer side as well as growing side.


NC is picking up steam. Have a homie in AVL who is setting up a big genetics program, growing that Heady Hemp! I moved to oregon years back, and now very excited for what the future holds in my home state. Ready to get out of this PNW rain!


Theres a bunch of hemp farms south east of Raleigh. We went to the NC Hemp Expo and toured a beautiful farm. The amount of ag land available is insane and tobacco isn’t treating people well anymore.


Thanks for the comments guys! Should have mentioned I am in extraction. Anyone know of processors in the area?


Processors are usually in-house. So seek out a farm and describe to them how you can up their production volume and/or quality.

Keep in mind that they almost exclusively use EtOH extraction and even a small farm generates thousands of pounds of biomass (I’m sure you already know).


Shout out to the Blue Ridge homeland


I own a small extraction/distillation/isolation lab in Asheville. There are a handful of processors in N.C. It is very easy to obtain a processor license under the hemp pilot. The biggest issue I have experienced is that most farmers are very new new to growing hemp. Therefore, getting mold free, higher yield flower can be very challenging. N.C. farmers really struggled with the rain this past year and lost a lot. That being said, the chemistry part is easy. The challenge is getting a strong local grower that has not been plagued with mold.


i spend an ass load of time in Brevard. Its really our family favorite place to be. Even proposed to my finance in Pisgah.


I love the irony, I am from LA and ended up in NC after our family lost everything in the 08 mortgage crisis. It was a blessing in disguise. I would’ve come back to the west coast if there wasn’t so much opportunity out here. I originally rushed into the scene out here and purchased some pretty rough hemp out of Tennessee. They were extractors that realized there was a market for raw flowers out here in the south and took that product due for extraction and sold it off. I have met some great people in the industry out here since then and am putting together the pieces to do my own hemp grow. Right now if you have hemp/CBD/cbn/etc products that are quality out here, they will sell. A lot of bullshit and companies putting out shit and charging insane prices but those businesses won’t last and will set the bar higher in the south. There is so much going on, Im here for you as a resource if you need and would like to network.


So you are coming back to NC? I know a few people that want to come out that way. I am in Charlotte and working on getting a heads hemp grow going. I am looking for some nice hemp and in the state it is mainly in all. Would love to talk if any of that is available


Theres some folks from Oregon sending literal tons of “heady hemp” flower to NC (all compliant) send me a Dm if you want me to link yall together.


I’m in Asheville and there is quite the hemp scene here. Unfortunately it’s littered with opportunist selling ounces of outdoor for $275. One shop here charges $25 a gram for indoor hemp. I have a retail shop and have been looking for a source for quality, tested hemp flowers. I’d be interested in seeing what “heady hemp” looks like. I’ve seen some Oregon stuff that people are buying here that I’m not all that impressed with. I’d be interested in networking with anyone in Asheville as well.

Anyone doing indoor hemp cultivation?

woah! didnt know they were custying out the whole town with mids!! 25/gram!? 275 and oz!? wowzers. the shit is being sold at less than 300/lb. im in the wrong biz LOL! Granted, i havent had any heady hemp that didnt have a slight hint of “hempyness” to it, but its certainly gotten better over the past 3 years. The south is sooo ready to be able to work with this plant and not be a criminal.


I’m ready to order some flowers from Oregon or Kentucky and just start selling hemp flowers through my existing business and, of course, Instagram. Haha…so you know somebody in Oregon?


I am in Charlotte and seeing the same issue around here. The mark ups are insane and near criminal. I am consulting for a small deli in town that is right next to Charlotte CBD. They are charging exorbitant rates for things and the new customers are all naive. My family has land in bat cave and I come up to escape. I would love to link or talk about the future sometime.


Their prices are criminal. They took it straight from the black market. “It’s worth what someone will pay for it”. Actually, their prices are higher than the black market. The upside to it is that we get to see who is fake before med or rec get here. Early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

DM me and we can connect in bat cave sometime. I drive over there once in a while to meet up with my buddy from Rufton


Do you have an Oregon resource I could contact about hemp flowers?