*noob question* vacuum pull

Hey guys noob question, when pulling a vacuum on my closed loop system do I need to isolate my diaphragm recovery pump or does that get vacuumed too?

Thanks in advanced

I’m so glad you asked. I would highly recommend getting an hour of time from someone like @ky_cbd or @StoneD . They can walk you through this on a zoom meeting and make sure everything is good to go and you know exactly how to operate the gear you have. I’ll bet you’ll be good to go for $500. You can’t afford not to.


Send pics, vac it all is my vague reply till I see


You need to remove atmosphere from the system before you run it. You can leave the recovery line back to the tank loose and just let some liquid butane leak out and tighten the fitting, it will evacuate all the atmosphere. Then open the valves to your tank/closed system.


The simple answer would be, you need to get rid of as much oxygen as possible out of your system.
But if you really don’t know what you’re doing I would do as advised above and pay someone that knows what they’re doing to teach you. Hospital bills are way more expensive.

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No one here in New Zealand is doing it & I am currently still fabricating my machine.


I’m piping the molecular sieve to my diaphragm pump & i’m just wondering if it needs to be isolated as would it not work in the opposite way when being pulled under vacuum somewhat like pushing air through it? Must have a non return on the vent surely.

I might just connect my vacuum pump up to it & see what it does :man_shrugging:t3:


This can all be done with a zoom meeting. What plans are you using for your build?


I’m winging it lol :sweat_smile:

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My friend, little here will help you. There’s a ton of information here for you too, the search feature is very robust.

Please, please, please do not ever run this machine in a home with a family. This is absolutely dangerous and mistakes are fatal at worst and terribly inconvenient at best. Whoever uses that chalk board and drives that car deserves better. You can do better.

@Vanillagorilla is right. Don’t take any risks.

Get a solid education about the gear, get a second set of eyes on all the components, figure out a safe place to run it.


Thanks, currently just fabricating it in the attached garage due to new workshop being built. Don’t worry I won’t be running this system from my garage or this property :rofl::+1:t2:


I’ve seen your work. At least be confident you’re not gonna have bad stainless or welds. Seriously impressive past work.

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That’s good to hear

@StoneD is the fucken man, super knowledge from small scale to large scale lab operations . I owe that dude a seafood dinner for always helping me trouble shoot


Curious, why did you decide to go active and not passive? This looks like it would be more fun to operate passively, imo.


Look at his recovery vessel. I doubt he can fit all his solvent into the recovery. It’s a pain in the ass to work passive that way… You want a pump so you can recover and fill recovery at the same time.

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He could still do it if he got an injection tank and recovery tank. Instead of just rocking one for both.


If ur not gonna hire someone I suggest u read read read write ur question in the search bar I’m sure it’s been asked

Happy Sunday!!!


If can help in anyway lmk

Thank u @Sidco_Cat and @the.shopdog for the shout out!


sucking on piston based pumps (eg vapor-hawg) can pull lubricant past the rings (or just atmosphere), so the question is a valid one.

However, this diaphragm pump should have no such issues. most pumps wouldn’t work if they didn’t have check valves to stop flow in the other direction.

probably caged balls in this case.

yeah, suck on it and see.

my guess is it will not complain, nor pass vacuum applied to the inlet port. ie you will likely need to pull vacuum from the outlet side if you want to get the whole system vacuumed down.

worst case? check valves dont seal, and you can actually evacuate the system from either side. probability of busting diaphragms or otherwise actually damaging the pump should be near zero (full vac is only ~15PSI pressure differential from atmosphere).

what is the canister behind your molsieve? why did you chose the threaded (DIN?) closures?


I like that you have the champagne ready. Are you going to smash those bottles on the rig when it’s ready?

Also how is the weed in New Zealand? I haven’t left merica so pardon my ignorance