Noob Grower - book suggestions?

Hiya - processing chemist with a solid library on processing knowledge but nearly ignorant abou the agricultural/grow side of the plant.

any suggestions for solid/holistic reads on seed to harvest for beginners?

**more interested in outside grows versus indoor

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“Hemp diseases and pests” by Robert Clark


Almost anyone who has started growing on their own, has used or heard of him at one time or another. Ed Rosenthal’s “Marijuana Growers Handbook”. It’s a good starting point.


Also by him:

Marijuana Botany: An Advanced Study: The Propagation and Breeding of Distinctive Cannabis


love the community. much appreciated yall!

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Jorge Cervantes grow bible


check the data dump… Data Dump! (Scientific Papers)


I’m not sure if it relates to your location, because in some places, outdoor growing is best done in grow bags of media or hydro, but if you live in a place where people grow in the ground, the study of soil management can be a lifelong endeavor.


Much like you I process a lot more than grow, I enjoyed reading Teaming with… Microbes by Jeff Lowenfels as much as any cannabis grow book.

Someday I will tackle the other two in the series


Teaming with microbes is a fantastic read. I’d highly recommend it as well.


Once you up your game a bit

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I’ll sell you my knowledge for 1.00 under George’s scam book price.
.imo, find a seasoned gardner and learn from him/her.

It takes years of growing to get great. You may learn from pages in a book, but real life dirt under your nails will trump books anyday.

I never read a book. Trial and error got me to where my business is now.


I absolutely agree. It took me 4-5yrs to be able to grow product I thought was worth a damn. I went the trial and error route. Learning from my own expensive mistakes.

The people I have helped in that department are turning quality crops from the beginning.


Maybe I’m the only one, but I’ve had The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use for ten years and still refer back to it. There’s no substitution for experience, but it’s helpful to have a reference guide to thumb through. Then whatever doesn’t add up from the book, use the search bar :arrow_double_up: !