Non Distillation Uses for Old Vacuum Pump

I have an old Welch 1402 that I’m trying to sell

But if not, I can’t just throw it away… So I’m trying to think of ways to use the beast

Bet it would work great for pulling vac on the bags I use to store my winter clothes. Maybe I’m missing some type of food preservation via deep vacuum?

Any thoughts?

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This pump is a beast. The ultimate vacuum is loooooow. Do you have any water moving projects that could use an assist?


I’m in the same boat. I have an e2m40 I have nothing to do with and an Alcatel 2021i.

Maybe could be used to make a chamber vacuum sealer? Probably overkill lol

Edit: DIY one of these


I got a couple of those…

You could always get into resin casting/art and suck those down.

You can dehydrate flowers with silica in a vac oven, make some pretty beautiful art with those. That’s what I’m likely gonna be using mine for; I got a crafty-ass wife.


Setup vacuum bags for making composites!

freeze drying, vacuum stabilizing wood, resin art/silicone molding, vac stack for a glassblower

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Use this for canning, im making a special vacuum attachment for canning so I can vacuum down jars with something like this

The food saver vacuum pump doesn’t get low enough on non full jars to keep my thc o from degrading so I’m using an old Alcatel instead


Are you making it like a chamber for canning?

DIY Fleshlight.


Suck the juice right out of ya!!


I use one of my old vac pumps when changing out the oil in my vehicles. Keeps the mess down because I don’t have to fill the filter with oil, the pump wets it for me.


No im just making an attachment to attach the little canning tube for vacuum to the big vacuum pump

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You could use it to vac down used propane tanks so you could use them to draw water from a remote source and make a drip irrigation holding tank for hard to access tree transplants.


How resistant to rusting you think a propane tank is?

Seperately, you got me thinking about using it to power a kinetic battery…

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Not a use for the vacuum pump. But, you can make an off grid ac/refrigeration unit, that uses zero electricity or external power


If I was using propane tanks for water, I would put a anti-corrosion anode rod in the tank to slow the rusting. I would think you could get several seasons out of a tank if you vac it down after use.

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I saw a guy make an air compressor from a small HVAC pump. He basically attached a hose to the handle exhaust and plumbed it into a tank with a pressure switch. Idk how much psi it pumped but he did tires with it. Your pump is a beast!

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A lot of offroad guys turn their ac compressor in their engine bay into an on board air compressor to fill up tires and some use their roll cage as an air tank for air storage.


That is absolutely brilliant! Had no idea they were doing it like that but it makes a very elegant sense.