No vacuum on recovery tank?


If your running passive a trick i picked up is to set your collection base in water like everyone does to heat for recovery, i use an igloo cooler with no lid, and use a small fish tank heater in the water on the bottom with an aerator attached. I cut out a noodle strainer bowl to fit inside upside down so the collection tank sits about 5 inches off the bottom which prevents ice buildup underneat. Can recover 7lbs of solvent per hour this way.


In that case, an ice water bath for your collection pot, or applying a bit of heat to your solvent tank should get the gas out.


Leave solvent tank out(I chill mine but not colder than my collection pot), put collection in dry ice while injection, when done close off, hook up for recovery, move collection to ambient temperature, then to warm water, also stick recover tank in dry ice slurry u had ur collection in…

Injection-(btw pulling vac on empty system will really help)
The dry ice slurry will create negative pressure in your collection pot,thus pulling all the solvent from ambient temperature to the really cold collection pot in dry ice , alchol slurry
Recovery-.(I pull new vac on empty tank and lines up to collection) Same slurry but now ur RECOVER tank is in slurry(you’ll be adding dry ice all the time any time ur using slurry), it will also pull being cold and collection in warm, same thing solvent will move from warm collection to cold recover tank