No vacuum on recovery tank?


Do you need to have the recovery tank und
er vacuum before recovery? I have the tank sitting on dry ice right now. Running passive.


full vacuum on your recovery tank. have the whole tank under dry ice…the colder the easier it is to recover.

if your tank has a liquid side. I find recovering on that side is better. Did i say the colder the better…dry ice/denatured bath.

Start recovering gas before adding any heat to your collection to make sure everything is clear and moving. Did i say the colder the better yet. oh ok! lol Good luck


Thanks for the reply. How many times, or should I say how much can you put in before having to empty and revac?
Say I have a 5o lb recovery tank, and run 10lbs solvent and recover. Would I be able to recover the next 10 that goes in from the fresh solvent tank?


What size tank?


Something dont sound right with that statement??lol



Lol help me! I’m new to closed loops


im not the one to answer that…i run a full tank to an empty tank every single run. I have a total separate tank for my extractor than my storage tank for my gas.


Ur issue

5lb tank…u run 10lbs…the math?

Can u fit 10 into a 5?

Do u wanna die?

Most tanks aren’t even ran full, they run 75-80%full for safety reasons…

Do u have a pressure relief valve? U may wanna get one… But still never over fill anything!

You need bigger tank

Yeah if u meant 50lb like @Dred_pirate stated things make more since


What size is the tank? Were you trying to write 50lb?


Yes sorry. Typo. 50lb tank


So get more detailed what do u mean…

Are u asking can u pull vac on not empty tank? U shouldn’t…ppl do not safe really


No I’m asking, say I have a full new 50lb tank. Run 10bs solvent and recover into 50lb vac frozen recovery tank. The next run rolls around, do I need another recovery tank under vac on dry ice or can I put more solvent from the fresh new tank into the same recovery bottle?


Yes. You can. But, you should clean your solvent first before using


How? It’s not a tank that seems able to be disassembled besides where there valve connection is


You wash your solvent through an empty system and recover it as you would a normal extract. Once it’s all recovered, you can recover more than normal obviously until nothing is left. Then you will clean your collection pot spotless. And repeat until there is nothing left. I understand you may not, but there is a lot of “mystery oils” that are still in there that you will want to remove before making concentrates.


Sorry I read that as clean your solvent tank


That’s a huge pain in the ass, too.

But, no worries. I have to ask questions on what I’m not knowledgeable about. I word things incorrectly, as well


Thanks for the help. It’s appreciated :slight_smile:
This may be a stupid question. Am I supposed to have the recovery tank connected to the collection pot during the run?


Also should the system be under vacuum or pressure by the end of the run?