No vacuum on recovery tank?


If u have separate EMPTY recovery tank, pull vac on it, thru the lines to the closed valve on ur collection,…I usually don’t hook up for recovery until ready, but some systems allow for this w plenty vac ports

Having empty tank and lines under vac will really aid in ur recovery


Ok so I think I’m running into issues. By the middle of putting solvent in the pressure rises and the flow of butane stops. I then have to recover some before I can finish running solvent. It’s like the pressure is the same in the system as the tank.


Ur RECOVER tank must be buried in dry ice slurry, dry ice over top too!
… collection base in warm 70-85f water

Solvent moves, hot to cold… you need to make sure your cold enough to bring the psi down, at dry ice temps ur solvent will be from 0 to -30

Wait are you running passive or w active pump?

If passive listen to me, if not don’t!

Bc I don’t run active, I didn’t think about that


By chance can you post a pic of what you have your tank sitting in and how much it is covered. Now, a 50lb tank is pretty big. Probably isn’t the easiest thing to cover completely. But you can cover the bottom half easily. Connect your recovery to the liquid line and then you can probably get a recovery going. Keeping the bottom half cold and the top half hot isn’t going to condense the vapors the way you want. Sending it through the liquid line will force it to become a liquid before it can enter the tank. And the bottom of the tank doing the recovery and probably lowering your tank pressure. Throw a couple scoops on top to keep all of her cold to help. But that should give you a boost in finishing.

Also, when you disconnect the vapor line and connecting to the liquid. Screw it on a couple threads and open the collection to send vapors out, just a tiny bit to clear atmosphere from your line and tighten it down completely. Then resume recovery through your liquid port.

Make sense?


Passive. My recovery is in dry ice. In a cooler.


Just to clarify recovery is not where my problem lies. It’s when I’m putting in solvent, and it’s stops like 7 lbs in when I need more. I think it’s because the pressure is the same in the tank as the unit.


My thermometer that goes to -55 ish reads low when I hit it so I know the tank is below -55


Ok if ur cooling your injection tank to cold it will not go in…cold to colder…if collection base in dry ice slurry…u need some kinda positive pressure to push tank…what’s ur solvent tank at when u start to inject… And do you have it in slurry or something?

We use n2 to push cryo solvent, bc it won’t move if as cold or colder than collection


I don’t know what you are asking?


My collection pot is on the ground when I run. And recover tank in dry ice. I put the collection pot in hot water when I recover after putting in all the solvent for the run.


Let me break down. My issue. Let’s say I need to run 15 lb of solvent.
I inject solvent from my tank into the CLS. I get about 7 lbs into the 15 and the solvent stops moving from the tank into the CLS. I recover some from the collection base into my recover soaking in dry ice to get the pressure to lower in the cls. Then I resume to put the remainder (8lbs) in and recover once finished. Is this normal procedure?


Both recovery and CLS under vacuum. Forgot to add that


You need to remove your recovery tank from dry ice during injection. Put it back on dry ice after you blast, while you recover. Once you start dumping solvent in your system the pressure will build in that side and not allow any more to flow in from your recovery tank.


So when I’m blasting do I have the recovery tank hooked up and valves open? (Not in dry ice?)


Injecting and recover needs to be 2 separate steps
… Don’t do at same time


Ok, do you understand what my issue is though? I’m at a loss as to what I’m supposed to do then.


I think we all are trying to understand exactly what your issue is, like what ur explaining

Ur solvent tank does not need to be in dry ice…take out let build to 10+ psi… collection in dry ice slurry whole time… All should inject then… Something your explaining may be lost in translation

If you leaveyour solvent tank in dry ice while trying to inject that’s your issue

Edit I added something at end

I’m trying to understand, one min you say is injection, the next recovery

You don’t need to recover till done with injection find out why it’s not working first…

Like how big is your collection base?

Another thing if you collection is properly cooled it shouldn’t have a lot pressure…

Bc the cold brings it Down naturally


The reason your not able to get all the gas out of your tank is because your solvent tank is colder than your collection pot. The pressure from the gas you dumped is pushing back against your flow of solvent. You must remove your solvent tank from any ice and may have to add a little bit of heat to push it through. Once you’ve emptied your tank, close the liquid port on your solvent tank, open the recovery port on solvent tank, put tank back on dry ice, and apply heat to your collection base to start recovery. Make sense?


Correct me if im wrong anyone, but couldnt he just open his blast valve when the flow seems to stop from it equalizing? , which would send everything into the collection pot and pull the remaining gas out of the tank??? I open my valve and fill column with tane, after about 5 minutes the pressure stops climbing. Usually stops right around 0lbs, then i open my blast valve with the tank valve still open


My solvent tank is not on dry ice. So I have the solvent tank just chilling in ambient temperature. The collection CLS also (until I put it in hot water after run for recovery) and recovery tank is in dry ice in a cooler (not connected to anything until I recover)
12x12 collection pot.