Nitrogen tank size

How big is your nitrogen tank and how often do u refill it? Just got what looks to be a 3.7 liter or 6.24 kilogram tank but it looks kinda small? Using it for a cls with a one pound material column, a 50 pound solvent tank , and a 25 pound collection tank. How many runs could I do off one fill with a tank this size? Wondering if I should should a bigger one

The bigger bottle you have the better the price on refills.

Also it’s hard to say how long the bottle will last you. Depends in how much volume you’re actually having to pressurize during a run, and the psi you decide to use to pressurize it



What size tank/ cls do u run? This one says its 20 cu ft on the site I ordered it from but the tank it’s self says 3.72 liters

I run a 2lb system and at first I bought a 20cuft and it was too small and was having to get it filled to often so I also bought a 40cuft. I think I get about 10 runs with the 40.
It’s only a $5 difference in getting them exchanged

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I use alot on my system it is fairly big. I ise nitro to pressure holding tank. And after shut off of injection to keep column pressure up and also to eject columns .
I use 300lb bottles. Mayb 30bucks to fill bit i prbly burn thru a bottle a week.
They suck to move around but less trips to supply place.
My setup doesnt get moved around so im not shuffling the bottle around…

Even with smaller system i would prbly go atleast 100lb tank. Easy to move and not refilling all the time.

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That thing is massive! Make it yourself?

Don’t you know this is the king of windchime tek? He’s essentially as unsafe as you but with access to more tools.

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Looks like it’s racked but the rack is attached to a cable and pully ? Don’t understand why tho?

It says 3.7 liters because that’s the liquid volume it holds. That’s right at 30 SCF of compressed N2.

Get a 44 or 49 liter cylinder. The gas is inexpensive.

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That sounds giant. Just pushing in a one pound cls that I may up grade to 3 lb

Just hang the tank…

Think this was O2 many many moons ago.


Bet the last thing u saw hanging that was that old looking was ur balls huh

Judging by the lichen growing on that tank, that tank was probably the oldest looking thing that he saw hanging.

They’re sized in cubic ft

Buy a big tank.

Weren’t you selling systems 12 months ago? You sure ask a lot of advice for an equipment supplier


Get a 330 cu ft tank and be done with it. Nitrogens cheap, getting smalls tanks is a waste of your time.

Yea I’m an equipment supplier… retard

Yep. That about sums it up.

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A s tank (120cu Ft) lasts me a dozen runs pushing through a 6x36 material column, 4x12 crc, 6x48 collection averaging 40psi.

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350cu ft

Yes i made myself. I make custum systems for peeps as well.