Newbie any recommendations spd

Any recommendations for a newbie this is my set up got it all almost hooked up together was just checking vac and making sure all the clamps are correct ran the pump on it dry for about 30 minutes and only able to hit about 120 µm should I try to address the problem or do you think that is Low enough to move forward with? Also only starting out with about 700 g of crude ( i’ve been getting really antsy to use it ) and yes I know a AI probably wasn’t the best move but I’ve used them before and have had really good luck with their equipment as well as their customer service so I just said screw it if I’m gonna go with Chinese anyway might as will be a little bit better Chinese I guess Haha but AnyWho I’m just curious as to if you guys see anything or can recommend anything I’ve been on the forms for the past almost 3 weeks straight reading up on as much as I can to make this go as smooth as possible

Also I am not running a vac regulator so I am wondering if I should maybe put a valve to allow atmospheric pressure for throttling or should I just hope for the best


Have you tried to run your pump closer to your cold trap. That looks like a pretty long run for a gl connection.

If you really want to find where your problem is. Helium is an easy way to find your source of the 120 micron. I personally think it’s low enough especially for a Chinese GL rig, but you could always spend $16 on a tank of helium at Walmart and check everything. That vac line looks long though.

Did you check what your pump was capable without the short path??

And if this is your first time. I suggest you find a way to throttle your vacuum if needed. There are several members here including myself that have pulled oil from our BF threw our heads. Looks like you spent a deceit amount of money on that setup. What’s a few hundred more??


Yea the pump is hitting about 15 to 10 an what do you do with the helium or how does it react @Killa12345

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All looks Ok
First about the gear
Are You sure your vacuum lines don t colapse under vacuum they don t seem braiided ?
Second try shortening your vac line as @Killa12345 recomended
3 the chiller hoses make them pass from the back for once hot the will hurt You
The rope is Nice but might not be neccesary So start without and place If nessesary If the room is warm You work in
IT s often Ok
Have Aa heat lamp or heat gun
Aim these at your glasswear same effect but You can see Whats going on
SEEMS You can place a valve behind the vac meter to trothel


Valve on a T after the gaauge


Helium is a very small element that expands significantly when it hits vacuum. It’s also inert. This makes it ideal for testing vacuum as it will fit through even the smallest hole and make the vac gauge go crazy if it enters the system. You can use it to detect leaks in all of the joints up to the vac gauge. To use it simply blast the joints with the gas with the system under vacuum but empty. Start with the furthest joint from the gauge and work forward. If the gauge goes nuts at any one joint you know you’ve found a leak.

I don’t use it but it is a very common technique for vacuum leak detection in many in industries.

120 micron ain’t bad though. Was that with a cold condenser and a bowl of dry ice under the receiving flask on the distributor and under the same on the cold trap? Cooling surface is critical to low vacuum.

Also try using Teflon thread tape on the threaded joints. Wrap it 2 times around the threads at least. A dab of vac grease on the cold trap receiving flask connection can also work miracles as well. On the barbed connections make sure your clamps are above the highest barb.

Looks like your are well on your way. Good job!


No that vac test was done just how you see in the pic

Also while running should I put the bottom of the cold trap on dry ice as well

Dry ice and iso or denatured alcohol slurry in the cold trap. And similar under the receiving flask


Acetone is better than iso or alcohol. It get much colder much faster.

Yup! Under the cold trap as well. Just don’t do it on your main receiver when you start collecting. It could cause smelly stuff to condense in the distillate. At that point keep chilling your heads receiver with the dry ice by using a lab stand to hold the bowl under it.


Are you saying to chill the terp and tails flasks?

You could chill both if you set up your flasks right. I don’t chill my tails fraction because I reserve it as bulk milligrams for edibles and topical and I don’t want it smelling too much.

So just the terps flask?

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Came out alil dark but ran smoothly thanks for All the tips


At what temp was your. Condenser set during mains ?
I find a 98C the minimum for better color

50 then 60 once it started clogging

When my condenser is hot, I have trouble telling when to cut heads and goto main body

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Yes that is often the problem When working with visuals
Solution before heads stick around the 50/60C then once heads come ramp the chiller i place an aditional heat stick in the bath to speed up thi. Proces
So When mains hit i am ready

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