New upcoming spd here


I spent a surprising amount of time solving spin bar issues. I have a huge advantage insofar as my mantle temps can be held at or below 200° easily (too hot really) before the bar starts to demagnetize. I also took 220 grit sandpaper and sanded away all edges and made them smooth. Further I got a spin bar mechanism that is geared down so can spin very slow. I usually run the flask dry so a slow stir bar that will not spin out is a huge plus.

Slow stir bar speed stir bars are hard to track down but Amazon has those cheap. I have always been impressed with your attitude. A few days back a GLG member who normally posts only a little on F4200 sent me a message to me for being “childish and immature” when discussing procedures and called into question 99% of the processes I use. Scratching my head on this one because I only blocked the guy. I didn’t comment at all on his tech. Somebody must have whispered good things about me (huge mistake). He took exception to my bedroom hobby lab. I am not sure what triggered the trolling except that everyone has good days and bad days. It must have been a bad day because I cannot recall what the issue was other than being critical of using a small bedroom and set up. He then went on to explain why my set up cannot produce isolate of THC. He then asked me to avoid replying to any of his posts for lack of any real knowledge. What triggered the GLG guy into this sort of criticisism I don’t know but the point is to just ignore those folks that openly ridicule rather than provide reasonable insight. I will not reply to that GLG member and frankly he had already been blocked by me at IG because it just adds confusion.

My suggestion is to ignore those guys on a start up because it will confuse. There is more than one way to do anything so go with what you do know and ignore the trolling even if it is by a GLG member. The last person(s) I want to do is openly critisize GLG members because they are generally pretty knowledgable and I never DM anyway under normal circumstances.

Burning bridges comes so easy to folks rhese days I have to wonder if this is simply marketing product by running down the personality of others or if my materials and methods really are as dangerous as he lamented but to be fair I am childish and immature. However my goals are not the same as his which is very low cost methods to obtain as close to 99%+ as possible. Different methods work but procedures must be changed up (clean the sheets too damnit!!!). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My method may be lame and my jokes a distraction which simply means you will have to supply you own jokes lol.

Good luck on you new rig. :sunglasses: This is a fun hobby no matter how lame my humor is lol. I predict great success. As far as stir bars I too am looking for a better solution. Here is a link to a product I plan to try. They appear to be an answer to higher temps and except for possible cracking seem to be a great solution.


I was thinking of grabbing one of these spin bars.

After a couple runs, ill be able to find tweaks and what not to fit my style. Just like wirh growing.

Dabs were nice! I was super tired at 3am, so ill give it another try in a bit.

I also need to switch main to tails flask sooner. I did get a bit of tails in my main flask. I noticed it last night when i was breaking it down. Next time ill switch sooner.


Wow im late to the party. Wheres the dragon ball?!?


This fixed the spin bar problem for me on the older cheapo 2l mantle. I got it from usa labs but couldnt find it on the site


What speed do you prefer for stir bar speed?
And what size for a 2L mantle, while on the stir bar topic, i dont see speed discussed much…

I noticed once my oil got lower, and temp got higher a slower speed from 800-1000 during mains down to 700-750rpm for tails appeared more efficient because the stir bar stayed on track without slipping so much. But i thought it was due to the corialis crashing into it that caused it to slip.

My chiller has a pretty large stir bar in it and if the corialis brings a big gulp of air down to it, it starts slipping and can go off track at higher speed, (it doesnt have an rpm readout)


I turn down the stir bar until it hangs up Then I increment the speed upward until it can spin true but at slowest possible speed.

There is an exception. At times that I want to drive up cannabinoids or even chlorophyl than I turn it up. Also when the tar is thick
i turn up the spin bar fast to keep the puddle rippling well. Those bars are tricky to nail down but on my unit if the bar is not spinning true it will tend to sling the tails around. So half way or so i turn it down.

So much of this stuff is just art firm and practice but I think you get the idea.


The one pictured is what i have for my 2l mantle. I asked about a bigger one he told me i wanted this one. Im not so sure now, i think different sizes maybe for different applications.
Like this one for second pass and a slightly bigger one for first pass? I could be splitting hairs.

I also thought about hacking the cheap mantle and bypassing rhe analog knob and hooking up a digital PID


I had mine at 1400 the entire run. It never skipped a beat or lost magnetism.


I may do a 2nd pass. Noticingat least 50ml of tails

8 do have a question. Save or clean and dispose of the distilled h2o and glycol heater/chiller fluid? I wont be using it for another 3 weeks


Thats a good question, i left mine in the chiller/heater and it will likely stay there for 3 weeks also… I have heard its corrosive, so probably to extend the life of it it would be smart to bottle and save for later…


Looks great! That’s awesome you were able to get the vac depth to the right spot. I just did my first distillation recently as well. I did a second pass and was able to get a decent sized green heads fraction that I did not see before. It also helped with clarity and smell.

I had a hard time telling where the heads ended on the first pass. I think the heads will thicken up at the end and look like cannabinoid fraction but is still volatiles, but i suppose it depends on what temp the condenser is at. I was running mine at 50C on the heads fraction and 90C on the main body/tails.

For cleaning I filled the boiling flask with a small amount of ethanol and ran the system at 79C without the receiving flasks on, just let the condensed vapors drip out of the cow, into a beaker. It worked amazingly well, the ethanol vapor dissolved everything quickly, even cleaned the temp probes.


Just had to post this pic


Test results are back. Not too shabby for a 1st spd run.


congrats bro…87% on your first time ever is a A+ in my book bro. Sweet!!! glad you finally can stop hearing pester you…now whos next Arent you about ready @coppertop? think your the next person we need to goad into a run soon! just joking bro!


Washing my next batch tomorrow. 100lbs biomass to wash, rotovap, purge/decarb, then spd. I may need to do 2 runs, not sure my 2l mantle will hold all the crude


You beautiful bastards helped a ton with the gauge issue. As a matter of fact, looks like I’m set to start my run tomorrow morning! Gonna pull vac tonight and test for leaks. The only thing I’m a little bit concerned with is the fact that I filled the pump with the BVV brand of vacuum oil and it doesn’t really specify what oil it is exactly. But if that ends up being an issue, I have a local vacuum supply store I can pick up good oil from and restart. I’ll post some pics of my setup tonight. I’m way too stoked! :laughing:


Awesome man…cant wait to watch. stoked for you bro. Only messing around above. I dont pressure people to do anything they aint capable of…and you been in class as long as me so i know your bound to hit it outta the park to! Good luck and ill be looking for the thread!


Hfs had a good price on grade 19 if that doesnt work for you, after my first run and oil change blabked off at the end of the bellow it pulled to 11 micron with a cheap vac gauge, could probably use another oil change
And never checked it blanked off when i first got it, didnt wanna disconnect the hose to blank off :roll_eyes:


Blanked off the pump and it gets down to 4 microns. The dry system holds steady at 37 microns. Scrapped the propack because it kept sucking them into the receiving flask, but still have 10 glass Raschig rings packed in there. Got the crude inside the vac oven at 25” Hg at 70c preheating and hopefully boiling off any residual solvent before I run it tomorrow morning. I’ll be posting my thread either later tonight when I have time or tomorrow morning before I fire it up. :smiley:


I did that, decarb in my vac oven. Then stopped and finished it in my spd bf and mantle. Much easier than my vac oven. In the future, ill always purge/decarb in the bf and mantle.