New upcoming spd here


I think its time to turn it to 210 for a min, then rotate

Looks pretty clear in the pic

210 now


Im out of likes for the day :rofl:


Its still pretty clear yellow
Love your solo cup idea
Also need warmer condenser temps i think to get the flow moving (higher temp lines)


I switched mine both times about 15-20 ml too soon but im gonna re run tails, go look at my pics and see the subtle difference in colors, your right there, how much is left in the bf is the stir bar really showing now?
Just remember switching early increases your potency, so unless your gonna do a second pass your golden


Id like to do 1st pass only on the 500ml flask. The last 250ml flask ill catch a bit of the last of the good stuff and tails mixed. If its decent, just use it for carts. Otherwise ill just rerun it.

Last time i looked in the bf i still had a bit to go.


Ya thats pretty orange compared to when you started filling the 500, when i switched early it started out same as the mains then darkened after a bit,
Thats how subtle the change is…
My tails still came back at like 76% so i was a bit early i guess, i dunno what tails is supposed to test at…
I think your golden, its unlikely you will fill that last flask, you pretty much ran the same amount i did my last run, and looks about the same in the 500


the solo cups make you feel more secure about that ball just hanging there, its a little uncomfortable without em
Congrats and good job!!
im off to bed so your on your own from here


What sv and pv temp are you quitting at? I was told 230. Im at 215, still dripping darker golden


I pretty much killed heat once it got to 220, if you uncover the top of the bf at 215 it stops dripping… the second run i shut heat off at 215, and it kept going till i uncovered the top. Leave your stir bar spinning untill at least 170 then its safe to break vacuum, i didnt remove the bf till 70c i believe, i think thats the safe ish temp to start cleaning glass.


Upped it to 220c


You should get one last surge on HV and vac a little then everything will drop back down and it basically stops on its own, even more so if you uncover it… then its your call on how long you wanna milk those last few drips, heat gun is your friend for cleaning unless you got the ultrasonic bath. I found acetone to clean better than alcohol with less heat.
Cleaning is the worst part…


Microns are rising to 133
Still oozing though
I think this run is nearly done. Was hoping to clean in the am. Not tonight.


I was scared to wait, probably nothing a little heat wouldnt fix but that stuff becomes its own form of epoxy haha
Its easier to pour your flasks into preweighed jars tonight.
it takes about an hour to get out if you leave them overnight, that i do know.


Going to try and squeeze a bit more out of it. 230, then ill shut her down.


Get it!!


I shut the heat offoff
Stir bar down to 1000


Welcome to the club! Well done sir, well done!


Thank you very much! Qaiting for the vac to slowly break so i can seal the flasks up and go to bed.


Test dab before bed


@Demontrich I’ve found some information on the hot condenser tech. I believe the complete sop is in the restricted GLG area however I have gleaned some valuable information from a couple of threads. 40-60c when in head and up the condenser to 90-125c when you hit the hearts.:sunglasses:

Congrats on being successful on your first run :clap: So Hommie where’s the smoke report??? :sunglasses: