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Hey how are my fellow cannabisians
I’m the president of Perfect Grow California. I design and build C1D1 labs -40 freezers and state of the art Grow Facilities. Any questions about air flow fire ratings etc. ask away. Maybe we will do some work together. :blush:


Hello, welcome to the community; Glad to have your knowledge as a contributor here!

Check out the following topic to see some relevant information to your specialties


What are the regs in California on suppression systems for C1D1 areas?


It depends on the size of your facility and how you design the exhaust and sensor location alp there are different alarm and exhaust fan configurations there are around 3 ways to accomplish it.


The main things you look for in a lab are.

  1. Fire rated enclosures
  2. Labs that can be built inside and out
  3. Modular walls are a good way to go
    They provide quick construction, easy approval from all municipalities, UL listed or CCE listed for othe countries.
  4. If things don’t work out with your current location, you can take it with you, it’s ok to take it with you because it’s not permanently attached to the property.

There are tons of good things about modular walls. I could go on for a while. :+1:t3:


What sort of systems do you use to accomplish adequate ventilation for a given space?

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