New to short path need some help

I haven’t ran yet I’m going to start I’ve read a lot on this site but still now sure about everything I was wondering if someone could give me the run down on how the short path is conducted from A to Z

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I am manager terry from China manufacturer for las equippment.
We have been producing rotovap, chiller, spas and so on.
Pls tell me your accurat questions for spd, manner I could help u.
Also if you want the quotation, I will also quote u


Likely no one here is going to want to hold your hand for free on a hypothetical run. There’s boatloads of instructions, tips, tricks, equipment recommendations, and there’s even a thread where someone posted pictures and the community actively supported them while doing a run.

If you need an SOP, join the GLG, you get a SOP package with it.

Edit: Unless you feel confident navigating the language barrier of the chinese equipment marketer in the above post. By all means go for it.


Try this, our site has a search option.


You really dont even have to use the search bar for this question.

If you simply just go to the Distillation Category. Within the first 25 threads, there are all 5 beginner SPD threads where the community has walked people like me threw our first distillations. More over, there are equipment threads within that first 25 threads too.

I know it might be a little bit of reading but really all the information is right there. I recently think ive seen @cyclopath tell a member to spend the money on the Upgaded equipment rather SPD classes and just post up here. Using the money on getting better equipment, i cant think of a better piece of advice. While a SPD class might be necessary for some, If you really just put in 2x 8 hour days here researching here; id imagine all the questions you have will be answered really fast.

Other than that, there are soo many SOP on here for distillation, decarbing, filtering, etc. Just start in the distillation category and ask the questions as you have them.


This question is like asking “how do I drive?” Too much to answer and too many variables. I’ve read all the beginner SPD threads here and I don’t even run spd. But with the knowledge that’s already been conveyed I bet it could be picked up fast if you took the time to read through the full SPD threads


And how do I join glg???


well I guess I should be a little more clear I wanna know if there like a fraction chart or a good sop I could go by that you know of

I really am consider this I just got into all this oil businesses because of one of my investors and now I’m trying to figure out as much as I can about it trying to build a team so I can get the ball rolling but before that I wanna know how to operate this from a to z

I did an entire play by play of my first run on here. Search for my post

Yeah how is iT gooing so far ?
Got iT mastered ?

If that’s directed towards me^^^, I haven’t run it since only because we were in “product development” since the first two runs I did. I didn’t wanna go into cruise control and end up with a freezer of distillate that either wasn’t mastered perfectly or would start to degrade. I can’t wait to jump back in tho

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