New to hydroponics, need pro advice

Hello growers! First of all, I must say that I am grateful for being a part of such an awesome community! Im really glad I came across this website while doing some research on rosin, I found an encyclopedia for growers!

That being said, Im a newbie to the hydroponics I already grown weed In the past but all this is really new to me! (it was bunk closet weed grown with a cheapo sodium lamp don’t judge me I was 15 or so!) So I figured out the best way (in my opinion) to do so is by building a Recirculating DWC.

I’m actually building a 4-plants setup in a 96x48x80” tent.
considering a 10ton 3x5 dabpress (any advice on rosin making, temps, pressure for different materials, recommended bags, folding methods is appreciated)

Please consider that I’m not a pro grower any advice/tip is most appreciated.

I did my homework I know where I want to go and what I want to do. Im just confused right now by all the amount of information I recently assimilated and I’m seeking advice of the more experienced

  • Any advice on wich lights I could consider? (LED or MH/HPS)(wattage vs power/heat)
  • Im considering doing a “main lining training” is this something I should avoid for a first time in Hydroponics?
  • Is bubble hash or dry ice hash better for doing hash rosin?

Im considering doing extracts with my harvests, any tips on what should I do to GET THE MOST OF MY HARVEST? (Ex: pressing the buds into rosin themselves and process the trim into bubble/dry ice hash and then press this also, or should I just process all the buds and trim into bubble/dry ice hash rosin?)
I read somewhere that there is some sort of algorithm for how much pressure is needed is this a legit algorithm;

“Optimal Pressure = Pounds(lbs) / Plate surface area(square inch)”
ex: A 10-ton press = 20,000 lbs. If you have a 3"x5" plate = 15 square inch.
Hence, 20,000/15 = 1,333 PSI

I want that light colored creamy rosin you know what I mean ahaha !im not much of a flower smoker so I really prefer extracts

I want to thank everyone on this forum for being such a resourceful community and I look forward on reading your thoughts and tips! Im pretty hyped and I’m slowly getting everything set up, I want some big yields hehe !

peace everyone!


Main Lining: Main-Lining Tutorial on Training Marijuana Plants | Grow Weed Easy
Rosin Press:…19756415778889
Bubble Hash: How to Make Fantastic Bubble Hash with Buds or Trim | Grow Weed Easy
Dry Ice Hash: How To Make Dry Ice Hash from Buds/Trim | Grow Weed Easy
Pressure ‘‘Algorithm’’:…s-buying-guide
Interesting knowledge about washing hash: - YouTube
Exemple of what I want for the final product (forward to 10min): Turning Shaky Trim Into Top Shelf Hash: How To Make Dry Sift & Hash Rosin - YouTube


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I can help, you’ve just got a novel here. RDWC is my specialty. Let me get back to you in a few hrs. Driving/ working at the moment.


Get out da’ spoon. Your gonna need to fickle.


Whoever answers this wall of questions is a very nice person lol.

My best advice to you is k.i.s.s bro, for both growing and extracts to start.

GET THE MOST OF MY HARVEST - imo either you worry about getting a fire extract, or worry about quantity, usually one or the other, regardless of extraction method. If you want fire, yes, do ice hash then press rosin.

Also, I sure hope you’re doing a ton of research on your own. You’re asking for a whole lot of information for nothing more than a thumbs up.


I answered lots of these question in a private message with @Blunt already. I just added you to the private message

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I don’t know shit about main line training, I’m sure it’ll work, just seems like a bunch of unnecessary work. RDWC already grows at light speed. Get the RDWC down first then start working plant training. One step at a time dude

As far as pressing hash… not my game and I won’t attempt to answer the multitude of questions you’ve got there. Check your direct messages though. Tons and tons of solid info in there about RDWC and some info about lighting and room design


I’ve pressed over 3lbs of bubble before. 100% waste of time for the $


Making bubbles great and all but what a waste. Returns aren’t great at all


First, thanks for answering my topic, it’s appreciated!
I really want to get involved seriously in a self-sufficient system for me and my wife to rely on.
We are pretty heavy extract smokers and we prefer rosin, so the yield is important but also the quality.

I’ve been doing my research for a couple months now, reading on the subject I have came to a conclusion, I want to go with a RDWC system for all of its benefits.
I’m still at the blueprint part right now and all these questions are some crucial stuff that I don’t want to miss out, that’s why I seek advice from more experienced growers.

I will gladly accept your advices FicklePickle! First, wich lightning setup would you recommend me considering that I will have a 96x48x80’’ tent and a 4 plant RDWC. It seems that a veg/flo setup using a MH/HPS light would result in bigger yields, is this really a thing or you can achieve the same results using an LED setup…?

I think you judged me a bit early here pal… when I said get the most of my harvest I meant to get the best extracts possible out of my crops and of course yield is important because me and the wifey will rely on this for the whole next crop, I’d love to keep it stupid simple but actually I have a lot of questions EVEN if I did and I still do a ton of research on the subject, my main problem is the lack of information about these precise questions I have… my local hydroponics headshop is run by people that doesnt even put airstones in their deep water buckets, so I’m lacking support here pal… :sweat_smile: and I actually asked only 3 questions, refer to the OP

So you’re telling me that pressing bubble hash is not worth the time and investment if I am to turn my whole crop into that extract?

What about dry ice sift? (ref: How To Make Dry Ice Hash from Buds/Trim | Grow Weed Easy )
Did you ever tried pressing drysift?
Thanks a lot for your time :v:

I’d look into current culture website to get a better idea of blue print for the tent. I’d suggest doubling the number of plants up to 8 for that size canopy, and looking into 630 cmh lights or if you’ve got deep pockets look into fluency spydr plus LED’s.
@Demontrich is all about the cmh, he speaks very highly of them.

As far as a veg set up, another full current culture system same as flower. Or look into current culture UC solo pro. It’s a large 35 gallon tub that depending on basket size, can hold up to 11 plants. A veg system is key to getting 6 crops a year. Otherwise if you decide to use the same system for veg and flower, you’re looking at 4 crops a year at most


Current culture has some incredibly detailed plans on their website. Check them out for sure…
Get some tough skin bro, we’re all about giving the new guy some shit. I think running the entire crop as bubble is a travesty, look into a small closed loop. Hit up @Killa12345 for a small set up, that’s where I started


I dont want to exceed the legal limit of 4 plants per household, Im from Canada and I’m tryna keep it legal up to the point I then process it into extracts :sweat_smile:

I will actually chek that out man! I honestly dont know how a closed loop system could cost me and how to operate such system/where to get the solvents in my area, that’s why I would prefer pressing it into rosin, for that part I was thinking of maybe doing a screen sifting with the trim (ref: Turning Shaky Trim Into Top Shelf Hash: How To Make Dry Sift & Hash Rosin - YouTube ) proceed the sift into rosin and maybe do the same with the whole crop, like I said I’m not much of a flower smoker I could alway just press the buds into rosin themselves or even try and do a bubble run after doing a sifting Idk I got so much questions…

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You found the Mecca of closed loop extraction information.


I think with that small of a grow you would just press the flower straight. Hash rosin in my mind is just a way to ramp up production.
Some say hash rosin only and rosin from plant material is a lesser product… it’s all subjective.
You’re going to spend as much on a press as you will on a small closed loop, not including the vacuum oven.

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You can squish more kief vs flower. This will save on squish operating costs (bags, man hrs).


Bam, there you go. Go the Kief route! Much easier to extract kief then bubble hash