**NEW** SweetLeaf Systems WFE

Item:SweetLeaf Systems 6” WFE

Location: North Hills, CA (San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Southern California)

These machines are just hitting the market, manufactured in the San Fernando Valley, CA. I have been lucky enough to be one of the first few people running R&D on them. My name is Ryan, I am a lab tech at Kush Alley in North Hills, CA and I am employed by the designer/manufacturer of these systems. There are several machine skeletons ready to be brought to life if anyone in Southern California (or other areas) is looking at purchasing a new system and interested in giving these new SweetLeafs a whirl, I can assure you they will not disappoint.

SweetLeaf comes with the application of wipers, a 6L feed reservoir, hard lined circulating baths to the feed tank and evaporator column as well as the jacketed residue and distillate collection. The cold trap comes equipped for use with liquid N2O and the internal condenser is finger shaped, instead of coiled. They also feature ball valves directly above the receiving flasks to make flipping flasks and passes a breeze without having to break vacuum. Several other components have been modified to provide peak performance with ease of operation and maintenance (tri-clamp breakdown of discharge lines, tri-clamp ferrofluid rotary feedthrough). These systems come turnkey with a stacked list of applicable items,

  • Julabo heating circulator baths all around
  • Heidolph Hei-TORQUE 200 drive motor
  • Edwards 10iC dry scroll pump
  • Edwards nEXT 240 molecular turbo pump
  • Edwards vacuum gauges and display
  • Mahr Feinpruef Germany gear pumps
  • Chemglass receiving flasks
  • Swagelok bleed off valves

I have been running two of these machines (the prototype and the first edition) over the past couple of months and I gotta say, WOW! Not only do these machines look beautiful, they perform just as well. Easily 3-5L/hr output (of proper distillate) and 4-6L/hr throughput. Definitely capable of running faster while stripping volatiles or running a polish. I have yet to encounter any vacuum leaks, or machine malfunctions to date and we run these machines hard, (24hrs a day/5 days a week) running a terpene strip, and two passes of thc distillate. Always pulling 99+% cannabinoids and usually mid to high 90s thc potency. Say hello to SweetLeaf Systems!

Upon purchase these machines will come backed with 1 year of quality technical service and support, a 1 year warranty on any malfunctioning parts due to manufacturer flaw (Operator error not covered), a 1 day installation and training session, and an SOP.

These systems are designed, manufactured, and supported by master growers and engineers who are from the community and have been in the industry for decades, all with the same passion and love for this sweet leaf.

Price: Please contact directly for a quote.


from personal experience, those ball valves off the discharge outlets suuuuuuck

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Nothing like a ball valve full of oil that has cooled off and or crystallized on you.


When your machines run 24/5 there is no cooling off, accept over the weekend and it takes about a half liter of hot disty running through it on Monday morning to warm it up. Has never been a problem for me, but we don’t leave them closed long enough to cool off.

These specific valves or the placement of them in general?

these specific valves


This is true they aren’t the best, the systems purchased will come with upgraded valves.

Not only on discharge but vacuum lines as well

not to hate but that weld on the cold trap LOL


Mother fucker was drunk driving on that weld…
That’s not too say that I wouldn’t love to own any iteration of the Sweetleaf wipers


What’s average throughput you guys get in this unit.

We run right around 4L/h on our 2nd pass, faster on terp strip and polish.

Let’s see a picture of the unit you’ve been running in your lab.

Do the welds on all units look like the ones on this unit they chose to use for the marketing photoshoot?

I do like the plumbing on the backend though, and it looks like you used high quality ancillary equipment as well.

Whats the price?


What do you get on first? Around 2?

We run three passes, a terp strip, a thc cut and a polish. Faster on our terp strip than our thc cut (2nd pass)

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I’m not an extractor, but I AM an AWS certified welder and that scares the fucking shit out of me to be honest. Even the welding of the logo plate is pretty sloppy…

Bear in mind i’m not certified for pressure tested vessels and such but it should at least be cleaner than my work if it is


To be honest, I am fairly certain the unit I run is the unit used for photos. That one and the prototype are the only units brought to life so far I believe. This company is in its early stages of production so I am going point out the squirrelly trap weld to the owner and kindly suggest he impose a higher standard with his welder. I’m no welder so I hadn’t ever paid it much attention,

The owner will have them retail for 200k but is willing to let a few go at a discounted price while trying to get the company off the ground. A full website is in the works so I will post that when it’s finished and try to get a link set up in the Wiped film manufacturer thread.

This is an exact copy of the Delta Separations RFD-27. From my understanding you bought 3 of the Delta units.

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This is an exact copy of the Delta Separations RFD-27. From my understanding you bought 3 of the Delta units.

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You’re correct, these systems do have the same dimensions as the rfd-27, but have several modifications that we believe allow our systems to out perform the delta systems.

And your understanding is incorrect, but I’m curious to know what you’re trying to get at with that statement?

Okay just pointing out that these are reverse engineered Delta RFD units with improvements. Just surprised how forward your copy is with having the same dimensions as the Delta unit instead of engineering your own dimensions and design.