New summit research max rotovap 80 LPH!?!?!?

I’m sure @spdking will have some comments, but has anyone checked out the rotovap summit posted on Instagram? Any quotes?

“Reinventing the rotovap” seems like a tall order for adding the kind of features listed. Personally I almost never pay extra for equipment loaded with extra do-dads and whistles, I feel that a well trained and educated operator should be able to handle using a basic roto to accomplish their needs. My policy, if the funding is there, is stainless instruments chained for semi and continuous operation, less broken parts and more scalability.

Some of the features seem like they examined the features people like about falling films and added them to a roto, which could be useful.

This is not, and should not be used as a hate on summit thread. Objective and relative discussion of their gear please.


It looks dope af honestly


Hardly reinvented but nice none the less. Whats recovery speeds lookin like

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I like it! Recovery rate and HOW MUCH?

I don’t want to diminish anyone’s feelings towards the guy, but as stated before this is for objective discussion of the equipment not subjective discussion of the owner of said business.

I’ve run rotovaps as simple as a 2L analog chinese model to high end industrial heidolphs, and while I’m no fan of the cheap units I just cant justify spending the $60k heidolph wants for some of their 20L rotos.

So yeah reinventing the wheel is probably a bit much, but if theres a new wave of more affordably priced units with bells and whistles then I’m sure theres a market for them.


Looks great! Summit always has good products although sometimes too much added on!


can we do a remote safety consultation?


Back to the topic at hand, im not sure how i like the receiving flask or tube or whatever, i guess its kinda cool that you can operate a discharge pump on it, kinda innovative, but at that point why not just get a FFE.

also says that the pump is optional, so if you dont buy one, what you have to re-pump down the system after every drain???

really curious to see more of this rig.

also really curious to see if @goldleaf_scientific is still working on their hybrid falling film/roto


Two pumps seems overkill compared to using a vac regulator and backing the pressure up a bit before opening the collection flask back to vacuum.

Like all new equipment, the question is are they the features no one needed or the features no one knew they needed.

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The rotovap doesn’t require two pumps to operate. It requires one only. It can run on smaller medium duty chillers or larger kw heat removal chillers. It can take hoses for vacuum or bellows directly to the condenser. It has a breather port at top to break vacuum and also to lock off.

The question about pumps that was raised is you can install a optional solvent discharge pump at the bottom of the recovery “flask”.

Thank you for your questions.


Gotcha, I’ve been using centrifugal pumps and gear pumps to empty receiving flasks for awhile. Makes the work pretty easy just pumping right into a 50L HDPE carboy for future use


This is my struggle with Amazon…


The roto looks like a sweet piece of kit man. What sizes will they be offered?



I reinvented the wheel because i want you to waste your hard earned money on inferior glass equipment. Why buy a falling film when you can by a rotovap with a touchscreen!!! it has tetris for those long nights in the lab!!!


100% agree. We have to quit making assholes into rich assholes. That’s only working out well for the rich assholes.


Why bash a dude who is trying to better something? Summit has been innovating and doing more than any company since this was the hype. I don’t understand what’s to hate? @spdking makes quality products, maybe brash on the internet, but who gives a shit. You get what you pay for.


Where is the preheater and how does it work?

Do you make a table top unit? Btw this whole thing is so rich. The roto and the history behind your lineage. Your both innovators and both deserve credit

I’d definitely like to see an analogue way to lock off that bottom reservoir without having to go with another pump in order to drain it… but like many people have said, the pumps are kind of the way to go anyways.

I would like to know more about the feed line, how does the heater heat itself and determine its temperature.

Bumping seems like it might be a bit of an issue, where potentially hard to reach places in the collection side might not self clean like a traditional roto. The controls should help with bumping but it does happen from time to time if you’re pushing it.

Is there an explosion proof option? Is there a UL or other kind of cert included?

Looks cool can’t wait to play with the touchscreen in Vegas