New SPD Head Design From Fusion Glass

I had the most amazing consultation ever yesterday. I interviewed xtractor depots head glass guy. I think I might hire him, he clearly doesn’t like where he’s at.

What I learned during my interview with him was.

  1. Chang min brings him near duplicate coppies of myself and @BreakingDabs work. Jose clearly feels in distress as he’s being asked to forcefully duplicate my technology by Chang min. And he is fighting him to make changes so he doesn’t get directly involved with copies.

  2. He doesn’t want to make copies and has asked to work for me so he’s not placed in a bad position by a employer since he claims he’s been copied in the past and Hates it…so his claim was he declined Andrews requests and then him and his brother end up randomly redesigning with guess work and ways to get around Chang mins requests. His words to me were “if me and my brother don’t add randomness and changes (without any scientific basis or validation) Andrew would force us to duplicate as we go”…“so we make random unvalidated changes just to avoid copping you”.

  3. So the heads themselves are random reiterations over and over as well as the other parts and tech not designed by any technicians or pros in general or experienced individuals. All the work is reworked intentional copies that have been avoided by thier glass team who tends to refuse the drawings that Andrew asks them to do so Jose redoes it at random to avoid direct copy, with zero direction.

  4. Xd hires people just to hire people. He claims everyone there is super lazy and inexperienced and Andrew loves to sell cheap shit and hire people to look like a big boss, but really it’s because everyone there is shitty at thier job and he’s sick of being there with that culture. Andrew has such little experience and skill set with glass and distillation he asks his “non distilling” glass guys for advice for assembly, design and methods of going around other people’s ip.

This was the most interesting conversation I’ve ever had. Everything i ever was led to believe about Andrew was true and everything he says is lie. I guess all this time I’ve been called a paranoid loon must have had more substance to it than andrew claimed…

If anyone wants a good glass guy, XD is about to have thiers leave. Nows the time to throw offers at him.

Allan, how do you live with yourself…you big ass bullshitter. People are going to call me a bigger asshole now, but hey when the info is too juicy, just can’t help it. At least I know your glass guy is one of the only honest ones in your company. It’s not slander, libel or defamation if it’s true. Looks like you owe me a public apologies.


Probably not about too. You threw this fella under the bus. You should of waited until after he left. I hope your making this guy a hell of a job offer bc you loud cap him on personal vendettas. Or have him set up to succeed Bc what you did was not cool. Helping him not locate another job will be even worst. It’s about to be a shit show in Southern Cali today and Jose is finna get an ear full.

Not starting shit but in this scenario Personally i would catch the next flight down there. go to XD ask for Jose slap 20 bands on the counter and tell him it’s time to pack shop. of course with gangsta paradise playing in the back ground. This probably would be frown upon with everybody else that you poached but the one person that matters is Jose n i bet his day would be a hell of lot better.


If everything you posted is true then some of it is worth discussing on this forum.

However, since you posted it, it just comes across as you trying to stir up shit so people will be distracted from your rotovap blunder and focus on this.

I never planned on using their glass, and I still dont, I also still never plan on using your glass either so :man_shrugging:


I’ve never poached anyone.

I don’t like being called a liar from a con artist. Someone who makes claims about my professionalism ethics, honesty and everything but engaged in the same acts he denys, accused everyone else of engaging in…and then talks about defending his business like he’s a angel. this is one of those things that makes me think twice about him and his bullshit stories he peddles. So here’s the truth about yesterday. Andrew can’t keep calling me a liar when it’s all pilling up on him. He spent his entire career telling my potential customers i was a Nazi and not to do business with me. (I’m a full blood Jew)
I’ve never engaged in any of that type of bullshit with customers. I don’t even think about him. Or talk about him.

The last thing I am, is a Nazi or a liar. And here’s the event and detailed description of what happened yesterday that proves it.

Allan Russel, stop acting like you know jack shit about short path. That wasn’t the first person to call you out for being a nincompoop with advice. You even told people you could make a 1 micron pump from the factory (that was beatup and required a rebuild) test as 0 micron when your team was done working with it.

You do realise a avs test cycle presents a vacuum appliance being tested, and hooked up with a gum hose then a cryo bed or cold trap…with nist certified guage…and only with a cold trap and a nist certirfied test bench can you make the claim even close to the manufacturer, instead you used a yellow jacket on basic vacuum guage hooked right up to the pump!!! And it wasn’t even certified.

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Responding to the wrong person bro? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Maybe. You accused me of just trying to stir shit up. That wasn’t my goal. Honesty is my goal.

Never accused you of anything Bud, only told you what you look like. For someone who is always telling others they cant read you sure seem to struggle with it yourself

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Its pretty funny how threatened by this Xtractor Depot dude you are :rofl:

My goal is honesty, next sentence “80l/hr”


Yea I know. My autism shines at 4am when I wake up. I tend to become more normal as the day goes on and I have nutrients in me.

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Whoa, actually I’ve ran his clays and yes we get clear Delta-9 runs. Maybe you’re using it wrong. I’ll
put $100 you ran it in your boiling flask to get delta-8. Try in in your closed loop if you have one.


Thank you.

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I know reading is hard, you should try it though before you go and defend someone

Elliot claimed d9 with using it in the flask, long before CRC was even a thing


Same. I’d never work for someone who threw my livelihood into jeopardy to win an internet dick measuring contest.


Guys, you can’t hold someone to what they said back in the day. The science is evolving on the daily, things change. CRC is chromatography. With much winterization, water washing it, his clays is just a formulation to help clean your final product. How you use it is up to the user. No one is just going to give you the golden ticket. You just walk to walk to learn it.


You do realize his website use to claim d9 water clear in the flask…

That’s why I’m calling him out

He thought only acid activated bleaching Clay’s in the flask would cause d8

He never tested this in the flask

Then when me and columbo tried it one day it made pure d8

And he said it was “user error”

Dont sit here calling ppl out saying they dont test shit when you dont either.

Elliot, you’ve been trying to poach my team members since day 1 because no one with common sense wants to work for you.

You are correct in your statement that Jose did meet with you yesterday. I confirmed that with Jose himself. But a lot of your claims afterwards are false. It shows your unethical and crooked attempt to throw Jose under the bus to try and cause issues with our business, reputation, and ruin Jose’s livelihood. You’re a despicable human being and I hope everyone on future4200 can now truly see the type of person you are through the lies about your equipment to this where you ruin someone’s life to satisfy your own fragile ego. Let me address each of your claims so people can hear both sides of the story because yours are full of lies and deceit.

  1. Our products and our current design are not duplicates, copies, and we have never had Jose make something he did not want to make, nor has he ever said he cannot make a design for ethical reasons because we’ve NEVER put him in that position. We know short path way better than you and I’ve been doing it longer than you so we wouldn’t need to bring your designs to him to copy. The only reason you are still relevant is because of breaking dabs.

  2. We make sure we arent copying your designs in the design process, not the manufacturing process. Our glassblowers only manufacture, not design. You are full of shit or maybe Jose lied to you. That’s to be determined, but it is more likely you are lying since you are throwing Jose under the bus after meeting with him and trying to get him fired for your own benefit.

  3. Our glass team has very limited knowledge on short path distillation so they are not allowed to make design changes without prior approval from our R&D team and our new product development team which involves my NPD director, chris from XtractorPros, myself, engineer, and designer. I would shoot any designs down that resemble anything like your glassware because why would I want to offer the same thing as you? I know we can do better.

  4. We certainly don’t hire people just to hire people. We have a lot of experienced individuals and a lot of individuals that are young and learning what it means to have a job to be responsible for. We have 45 people on our team just in the US and 10 or so are in entry level positions learning what it means to work hard and be consistent. Any team that you create is going to have some lazy people and some hard working people. That’s why my job as the owner and team leader is to make sure everyone is putting their best foot forward always and bringing value to the team, and keep the highest performers on and cut the poor performers out. And I have a lot of experience with glass, distillation, and now glassware manufacturing and how to set up a manufacturing facility. Your claims are a representation of your own insecurity, fears, and lying nature.

And you told me on the phone that Jose showed you pictures of us making your glass but we’ve never bought your glass to copy, nor have we wanted to copy your design. We have repaired a lot of glass for your customers but that’s it.

I feel bad for Jose because he fell into your trap of lies and thought you’d be able to offer him something better , but this was exactly your motive the whole time. Ruin someone’s life to defame a company’s reputation. I hope everyone on this public forum sees the type of person you are through these actions. Your actions speak a lot louder than your words.


I have never mentioned your name anywhere or anytime and have never called you a fucking thing, now you want to get personal with me? Who the fuck do you think you are? Stop acting like I know about short path? I have 20 years of experience… in Union Iron work NOT lab work dummy, I’ve never claimed to be some academic with vast spd experience or knowledge. I know what I’ve been taught and believe in the products I sell. I have hundreds of customers that are happy and making money.
I’ve worked here for 3 years and my knowledge matches or exceeds my experience.
See you at the next show!


You are so full of shit. Keep calling me a liar. It doesn’t change that he said what he said, and now both of you are trying to cover your asses. You keep pushing this false narrative like I’m horrible or trying to get people fired…dude he came to me asking for a job on his own accord, and told me everything on his own accord.

He’s been contacting me for months asking for work. I agreed to meet with him and he told me all of that. If you have a problem you can take it up with him. Stop lieing on here. Your current head actually has three of my utillity patented technologies in it. You can deny what you want but I’m not going to argue with you.

  1. Dual distillation pathway section.
  2. Lower rejection section with protrusion.
  3. Distillation key(any form).
  4. Lower rejection section attached to a column with a fraction collector. Part of the dual pathway design.
  5. Wonky version of my fraction collector.

You literally can’t even argue these points.
I invented and own that technology in utillity patents.
I can literally print out pictures and add arrows and cut outs from my patents to discredit your claims.

What’s despicable is that your own staff member approached me with apologies and this whole expose of information, and instead of addressing the issues and bettering yourself your just forcing the “in denial” or that “Elliot’s a liar” m.o. I cant be a liar when your pictures you’ve posted and the pictures he showed me in person can’t deny the facts and the story he described and presented me.

Everything I said happened as I said it happened. You just dont like it.

@changminxd that’s not proof you posted. I chose not to respond to your other message, just didn’t want to respond to your guy anymore. He was going to lie to me in messages. I know exactly what he said. You’re grasping at straws. You and him are both trying to cover your asses.


Same as that 80lph roto?