New Rechargeable USB C THC Disposable- All ceramic coil-PreHeat-Easy Fill- Child lock

Hi Everyone,

We’re coming out with new disposable model for private label. Customize color and logos how you like. I can provide samples to those interested. Ready for full production soon. 2nd batch of samples coming in a week for testing. Great pricing. Here are some specs:

Model Flash 2.0- Disposable
Measurements: 99x20x10.5mm
weight: 25grams
Cart Sizes available : .5ml / .8ml/ 1.0ml
Battery: 280 mAh
Stainless Steel with Full Ceramic Coil
Draw to Activate
Easy filling process
USB-C charge port -
Child Safe lock -Activates by touch sensor-- buttonless- TURN ON/OFF
Pre-Heat Function
Battery level indicator

Sleek Design
Great Cloud production and flavor profiles

MOQ starts at 3k - will have samples to send out next week. Email for pricing and more info about our THC Smart device.

Contact :


5 taps to Turn On / OFF
3 taps to start pre-heat
@moveweight We made couple different versions. Will send version 2 for you to test as well

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Pre heat function is dope but location had me accidentally fire it in my hand. I was able to save the puff however.

Awesome. Second version coming out will look like the picture above and we did some minor adjustment to better performance. We will provide different models to best fit one’s oil based on their viscosity.

I put super thicc d8 distillate with a pinch of terps and sugar from sauce. Doing fine so far. Super thicccc

What’s the voltage on these? Fixed or variable? I’m not typically big on disposables, but the form factor looks like a mix between a Caliburn & a Bo.

Next to my JUUL

It’s definitely the nicest disposable I’ve had.

This is sample A in my pack

It’s slightly larger but the round edging I like a lot more than my JUUL square style instantly

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Final version will be fixed voltage for user. For the testing phase, we will provide you with multiple voltage options to best fit your oil.

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Nice. So a bit thicker than a Bo One, but about the same height.

Gotta get you on the Caliburn unless you’re hooked on a JUUL flavor in particular. Killer little pod.

side view- smooth and rounded. Not too thick , just a lil wide!

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Perfect. I have an Orion at home for scale. :call_me_hand:

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Honestly trying to kick nicotine. Have a large supply of juuls/pods and intend to quit before I run out.

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Definitely a good call with everything going on with the FDA. People maxing out Sezzle with all their panic buys of liquid nicotine & D8. :rofl:

Luckily I was able to get off cigs a little over three months ago with vaping, so I’ll ride it out for a bit as long as I can get empty pods.

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I literally have what I’ll call the covid stock pile of vape products all for personal use lol.

lol. The pmta is crazy. I’m interested to see when it fully goes into effect. Some companies are still just going about things, business as usual. Lots of nicotine companies starting to shift their focus on Cannabis now.

Yeah and their industry Chad’s are too…

Back when I last worked in glass in California in like '08, we still had to be avid that they’re “water pipes” & even had to kick out smart asses that would keep calling it a bong intentionally or taking about how high they’re going to get with it. Like anybody would be grabbing a six footer for ripping some Bugler.

I never thought I’d see the day where tobacco would have to cling to weed to stay afloat. I’m just hoping this whole thing doesn’t end up affecting companies who are legitimately producing 510 attys for dabbing or vaporizing herb.

Definitely not into the disposables, but what’s up with the other devices in your picture. White to the right, and that interesting looking thing to the left

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The smart vapes and refillable for concentrates models I’m still digging them for :grin::heart: but this is definitely the nicest disposable hands down. I can also refill and recharge it. Only issue is when the atomizer goes it’s gone.

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smart THC device will be ready to show in November. Universal battery that works with wide variety of different cartridges. Can only show in zoom meetings or in person as of now