New lab setup

You walk into a empty 6k sqft building with a Eden 20l in it and the owner slides you the checkbook.

What you buying?

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I’ll tell you a very honest answer for 2k


Bzb live resin pod
Cup 15
Stainless across reactor for decarb/devol/lle
Root sciences wiper
Pure pressure dough mixer with bruteless
low temp presses
Labconco freeze drier
Cart farmer for carts
Customcones king cone package for prerolls
Dark city molds for gummies dump/spread
Sweet juicer and ninja for smoothies

build the C1d1 and 2 after speaking to fire Marshall and county/city if they aren’t dumb dumb. If they are dumb dumb a cheap pair of boxes


If you’re building out hmu for chest freezers, chillers & heaters, and tabletop media bottle hot baths please! If that list needed anything it was freezers and either a hotbath or oven.


Falling film
Table top Centrifuges
Walk in freezer/reffer trucks
And everything hydraulic quick connected.

But most importantly a fork truck or a powered lift that fits everywhere.


Firemixer-14 for most edible production. Fixing to snag one myself.


Do I get to add the proceeds from the sale of the Eden to the budget?


No. Terps for carts.

Getting the heaters and chillers from bzb

Gonna use one of you assholes GLG for the discount too lol

Never use a hot water bath in my life.

Getting a few chest freezers form sears. Great warranty.

@Waxplug1 whats eta on new batches of fuges and when are you releasing the new inserts?

3 weeks out. New inserts come in this week


300 liter centrifuge
Membrane refinement/recovery
Butane-water degummer with CRC
Centrifugal/UF winterization
50 liter diamond miners/reactors
Desktop Centrifuges
Small wiper for terps
Solventless line

I’d automate everything possible.


how big is 300l compared to cup15?

we arent doing hemp so membrane will be hard to justify, FFE is a stretch

i cold crash thca and re-x with pentane in a hood, no reactors needed

I like the seperate system for terps but was thinking SPD

what is CPC?

Centrifugal partition chromatography for isolating minors


Way bigger. 70-120 lb runs depending on particle size and density. 2-3 runs per hour. Probably overkill for THC in most situations. I built a couple systems that are currently doing 1-2k kilos of thc distillate a month. With the butane water wash, they wouldn’t need to distill and could switch to making thca and retaining terps. Unfortunately, they’re stuck using ethanol with their type 6 licenses.


Boy you speaking hemp

I only talk terpenese lol

Shoot me some info on a small system

Honestly instead of:
Ffe /roto
Cryo freezer
filter press

Just another closed loop to make mids and crash out the thca and make liquid diamonds


100% agree with the secondary closed loop. I would kill to have a bigger C1D1 booth with another closed loop to get as much oil as possible. Wake up, chug some coffee, and single handedly run two machines for maximum power


Most of these systems run hemp. However I know of 4 running THC to distillate that I’ve built at this scale. I’ve installed up to 5x of these centrifuges in single hemp locations. I can assure you that there are metric tons of THC distillate being produced every month that these systems are operational. For a smaller setup, I’d still go ethanol to butane, but keep a solventless line for premium biomass because of the margins. Being able to do bulk and craft in the same facility brings a lot of advantages.

Everything is closed loop if you design it right. You can go from room temp ethanol to butane CRC in a closed loop. A butane system should be a series of columns, reactors, and hot/cold evaporators/condensers with the ability to carry out several processes. I think most off the shelf LPG extraction systems are lacking in versatility for too much experimentation or complicated processes.

My etho/tane hybrid test skid takes in alcohol-laden solution and removes the alcohol, degums it, scrubs it and recovers inline, all in butane to retain terps and make purging easy. The total cost per kilo of oil excluding biomass is around $15-20/kg on biomass higher than 6% potency. There’s lots of variables that could change that number, but that’s what I’ve come up with using the data I’ve collected in the Chicago area.


Show room cabinets for inventory made by white label companies.
Go retail