New Gummy Mold Pics

We’ve been hard at work over here at Dark City on our custom gummy mats. Thought I’d share some pics. If any of y’all need molds at some point feel free to hit me up. Peace.

More @darkcitymolds


These look amazing!!!

Great job


You willing to share any price points over the forums? I am in the market for good molds for hard candies and lollipops.

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You should make some Harry Potter frogs

@lefties.cannabis I believe that’s addressed in another one of his posts if you search it


I am saying this as honest customer feedback… make a mold with squares with as little is wall between each square as possible. TTRRUUSSTT MMEE!!


Puzzle peices or mc escher birds


Still the op should post prices. This is in the cannabusiness section. This way people dont have to do the leg work to find out the $$$.


I believe it’s like $150 a mat and then a tooling fee if they don’t already have a mold tooled out. Tooling fee I think was 2k


That’s why I put 3x $ in there. I just got 3x25 site mold x3 boxes for (cough cough 75 shipped)

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I’ve tried two different “state” molds with THC in them; suxed bauls for gummies; the thc is not legible whatsoever making the price redonculus. the all silicone molds are fantastic for removing gummies; I found square ones for $120 (225 cavities 2x2x1.2)

I’ve used the blue ones that are less expensive and not 100% silicone, but labor costs removing gummies probably makes the pricey all silicone worth buying.

tip on removal from cheaper blue molds:

tin foil pressed over open mold when filled; the tin foil sticks to the gummy and lets you peel the entire tray out in one piece (if you’re gentle) still a pia removing from foil after drying, but gets em out and drying fast

when buying molds, time of labor for removal is important; i could spend 15-20 mins easy removing gummies from one of the cheaper trays

Edit: just checked - the 225 mold all silicone I originally paid $64 ea for are now $120. fukers.


These seem way too expensive. How are these better than the $15 silicon molds sold on Amazon?

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Good question! @a.clarion At volume, they ROI at 1-2 weeks, last 4x-5x as long as Amazon molds, and demold at 5-10x the speed. The primary cost for manufacturing labor, so it’s a buy-once-cry-once solution that addresses that issue.

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Hey Steve, you got that right. One time cost for a premium option you have to use thousands of times pales in comparison to inefficient extraction.


Out of curiosity, how many cavities in your 70 shipped molds?

All work is custom so pricing is based on size, thickness, silicone type, quantity, and complexity of your molds. Per mat ranges from $145 to $195 for full size production sheets.

Happy to :grin:

Dude, too true. Gotta get on that.

Hit you up on ig :candy: @lefties.cannabis

Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

defo interested!