New gear idea thread for my Chinese wiped film

So I felt like starting a thread because slowly I’ll be upgrading my equipment and I’m currently looking at this neat little diddy of a dosing pump and was curious what knowledgeable peeps think.

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What’s the application

Feeding crude into wiper

How much is it

Lists for $145 @ hanna

interesting, these things can take quite alot of psi

Usd? They list is at 175 cad in the itm site

Looking to see who has what for vacuum gauges and controllers

Also… crazy thought here, probably cause ingested a good… like 200+mg… BUT! What if I painted my glass black… how much would it improve the thermal properties of it?

Im not sure but a high heat spray on silver would be better, silvering is used in glassware to increase temp with reflective heat, think spaceblanket

Yeah I was thinking of black paint like what I use on my fireplace

Space blankets are layered with carbon materials and dead material layers to prevent cold from getting in and insulation. The silvering and gold doesn’t reflect heat back in. It’s mostly used to block radiation

Silvering on glass doesn’t really do anything. It’s a old misconception that had been archaic and beaten out with other tech. Silvering is more for sub 100c.tetentiom and less heat emissions but it doesn’t really increase internal temps much.

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Yeah my plan was for black high heat. But I want to wrap my unit like @breakingdabs has wrapped his l, if just using black paint won’t work well enough. I found a study where they’ve already tried what I’m suggesting so I’ll read it over and see what I gather

Gotta pic of bd’s wrapped wiper @FTGLabs what’d he wrap it with?

Edit tagged wrong peep

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Pyrogel and aluminum tape/wrap



Right? I’ll be happy to upgrade to gear pumps at some point

Reading bout that stuff says it’s maaaad dusty so be aware if you use it homeslice @FTGLabs I want gear pumps too. Didn’t you scoop a wiper, freezer and rotovap from the Maine extraction? How they working for ya?

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Much appreciated on that info, I haven’t looked it up yet but was planning to. I did i did. Was good until the glass broke lol got that sorted though. I’ve sourced the glass for cheaper than everyone else is trying to sell em for.

Currently waiting on a few other pieces of equipment to be ordered, was gunna take a jump onto membrane but @magisterchemist doesnt have anything ready :sob:

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Baller shit @FTGLabs get it!