New extraction method

New way to extract!

So by beg borrow or steal from extraction methods used before I have developed a new sop that gives far better end products and yields than what is being done today at a higher treuput and way lower cost
All with the equipment already on the ground in the average extraction facility.

No more Chilling solvent prior for extraction

No more winterization

No more motherliquer loses

No more distillation

Always a > 99% purity cannabinoids end product
For cbd always less than 0.1% thc
And for thc always less then 0`2% other cannabinoids
The ability to separate and isolate your minor cannabinoids.

the ability to isomerize your acetic cannabinoids at scale without yield losses
mainly cbd-a to thc-a or cbg-a to thc-a cbd-a to HHC-A one pot synthesis

This sop is available only under contract.
0pen for deals I cannot refuse.

This is the way in the future cannabinoids will be extracted


you are extracting or converting?

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@Roguelab always out here on the cutting edge. Keep up the good work! Hope you get some great offers.


I’ve built some systems that use azeotropic ultra low temp high pressure gasses. Butane/propane mixes sent into a chamber with sublimated dry ice to create high pressure gasses at sub zero temps. Then you can pack your tips of your columns with compressed pucks of fresh frozen that’s been dehydrated with co2 as well. I’ve been able to spit out beautiful extracts that look like crc but contain the entire terp fraction that was in the starting material and require no post processing. I have done this with up to 45 minute solvent exposure times as well with no distinguishable loss in clarity or purity. I need to post that SOP up on here soon. This guy sounds way more advanced than that but I think there are pretty simple methods to outdo the current production standards in the commercial extract industry. Now, I know nothing about the carboxylated conversions though. That’s ultra cool…especially if someone will hurry up and figure out recarboxylation!!!


extracting and converting depends on which end product is desired
thc-a natural or thc-a isomerized ( hemp derived) all is an option

this is figured out for hhc :wink: for thc it s still an issue reason I recommend isomerizing cbd-a


That’s freaking awesome. Are there other chemicals that get recarboxylated too? Or is it just hhc?

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Only Hhc since that’s the only thing present
With the solvent and reagents
When recarbing

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which solvent(s)

Dcm (dicloromethane )


is the re-carboxylated HHC a crystalline solid or more a viscous liquid?

Crysteline solid


you have samples for sale?

In Europe yes not sure about sending them to outside of eu

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Wait. There’s another isomer of thca that can be achieved through isomerizing something else? Cbda? Did I read that wrong?

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He’s saying THCa can be isomerized from CBDa easier than it can be recarboxylated from THC. At least that’s my understanding, he says HHC recarb is figured out but not THC.

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Oh I see. But now I’m curious, are there multiple isomers of thca?Affinity and Efficacy Studies of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid A at Cannabinoid Receptor Types One and Two - PMC.

Is there a way to have different carbon isotopes like there is in hormones?

Have you heard anyone trying Kolbe-Schmitt at high pressure? Seems to be a low hanging fruit which is just outside the reach of average equipment.

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Yes it s claimed to work but at scale the equipment is pricy 180 bar is a lot

Is achievable. How fast is this process?