Nerds Rope

Hi, I’ve been wondering how are people able
to mass produce the nerds rope commonly seen going around. I assume the gummy/jello solution is made and then mixed w distillate. Where is the solution poured into? Once again I assume it’s some type of mold but my question comes from the ability to scale this. After being placed on mold would you just role on nerds after it’s solidified a bit?

To scale this you’d need a heated food extruder similar to a discharge pump on a wiped film. You would put a cylinder discharge at the end and let the motor do the work for you. You just need to have a mechanical or human cutter to take it off at the appropriate length then roll it while still hot, set aside to cure.


Here in MI, people make Nerds rope when they either don’t have proper molds or can’t get the consistency or taste right with gummies. Proper gummies sell 10 to 1 compared to Nerds rope anecdotally.

Not trying to hate on your efforts, because I’ll consume any legit edibles. I’m just sharing my experience.



Nerd ropes are huge here on East Coast. They just busted a group in NJ, were making millions on the nerds!!!

I wonder if some sanitary tubing, a heated tank and some nitrogen can do the same thing. Do we really need the pump?


If somebody is out there actually making the nerds ropes from scratch and actually infusing the mixture I would be super impressed. All these black market nerds ropes are just purchased from candy suppliers in bulk. They unwrap them, cut them in half, then spray with some shitty disty/ethanol mix and repackage them in the bags purchased in DTLA.

I had a guy one time give me one that he said was “actually infused not sprayed.” Was labeled 400mg. I ate half and 200mg should be lights out for me. Didn’t even get high.


:hammer: nailed it.

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I’m doing a test run of some albanese gummies in new molds. I’ll send ya a pack when I get my sop down.

Those strawberry gummies from albanese taste awesome! Shooting for 10mg per gummy. 5 gummies per pack. Rolled in citric acid for a bit of zing.


@Demontrich We use Albanese because their flavors and texture are great. A 5 pound bag, 14 grams disty and 210 pieces ends up being 50 mg each.

Melt them in a double boiler. Mix in disty. Stir using industrial wand mixer. Pour in molds. Cure for 3 days. Cover in half granulated, half powdered sugar with a little potassium sorbate. Package with as low humidity as possible. $$$PROFIT$$$


I’m doing my trial run now. Test sheet is in the freezer solidifying now. Hoping this weekend I can make my batch

This was to get a volume estimate before making a batch.


What molds are you using?

Doing this method the mold won’t be the same size. I’m looking for something that I can use for bulk manufacturing.

It could have been the same volume size. This is why this was a "test " to check volume.

What temp do you melt them at? I’ve only ever made my bulk gummies from scratch but am super interested in trying this.

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I assume all of these are sprayed.


@futurewhis With Albanese gummies, I use a double boiler. Haribo gummies, I have to use a little more aggressive heat. I’m not a pro by any means and the ones I’ve done from scratch have never been anything to write home about.

First person to show me a legitimate Nerds setup I’ll donate $50 to an SOP on outside of the shitty spray options. The more details the more I’ll drop on. I’ll drop up to $100 or so donated and added to any bounty just to help murder the really shitty nerds on the market.


From what I’ve seen on people making nerd ropes. They pour a sheet of strawberry gummies and coat in nerds instead of sugar. and cut for pontency and size.

This isn’t that hard guys. The gummy recipe in the forum thread is really good and something you can brag about… just saying. I’m a huge gummy snob. I only eat haribo. The forum recipe is damn near close to the real thing

Yes. It takes a shit more work than melting gummies and remolding. I’ve just perfected IHOP pancakes for the house… for years I though box pancakes could produce restaurant quality pancakes. Now in my 40s, I’ve realized…good recipes take time and prep


i fuckin love nerds but never have they gotten me high…

Pancake SOP may get a donation too <.<

i’m just saying sops gonna be hotttttt and sell like them soon.

@killa12345 pancakes naw mean