Need worker in LA

Need a worker in DTLA asap!!! Hit my dm if you can work tomorrow and are in the area

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@HappyFeet420 aren’t you in this area?



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Dm me for my number

I need a person for tomorrow 20/hour

Hope @HappyFeet420 gets to you in time!

Also sorry if I made it confusing but I’m not happyfeet, I feel like I might have made it seem like I was a second account :laughing:


I need a worker today after 11am who wants to work?


Bump! Really ?! Nobody gonna jump on this?!


Looks like @HappyFeet420 is missing out.

Would think he would have wanted to jump on opportunity….


It’s a foot in the door to start and WILL be full time work if they work out!

It’s my PTSD saying no. I’ve worked at many big names that I i don’t wanna name that fucked me and many of us over and I don’t wanna deal with shit like that anymore and I don’t wanna keep posting negative stuff like this on here :pensive:

Lol, grow some balls


Fuck off dude.

I really do appreciate it though bro, but I hope you get where I come from

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You could just go in for the one day and see if you like it. The work interview goes both ways, imo. You don’t have to accept a full time with him if you don’t want to. I get not wanting to be exploited and stuff but this seems like a golden opportunity. I’d jump on it.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice. That’s just my .02¢


Opportunity knocks, and knocks again some more if it’s not the right door. Appreciate seeing the positivity trying for all.


Everyone deals with shitty employers, you aren’t the only one. You can either push through it, reflect on the situation and improve yourself. Or keep this current outlook and stay right where you are at in life. In reality with this mindset you won’t even just stay where you are at, things will probably get even worse…

Hope you can figure shit out and get things on track. We are all rooting for you.


@Ahay5280 you still need any work ?

I’ll say it again, attitude is EVERYTHING! I’ll take someone with no skills or training and the right attitude over someone with all the experience and a sub par attitude any day and I’m certainly not alone.

Sincerely hope you find what you’re looking for

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