Need to hire full time short path tech/guru/savant 50k a year full Benefits Orlando Florida

Paying 25$ an hour to start plus full benefits then 50k a year salary and will pay for relocation.

Start on a 60 day probationary period. We will pay for the first 30 days of housing as we feel you out and how you fit.

You will be working 20L short paths exclusively. Possibly train you on a wiped film or if you have wiper experience that’s a bonus but the position is mainly for SPD.

This will be a night or evening shift with possibly pullin different shift times as we have needed but mainly to keep me from having to work 24 hour days.

Feel free to reach out.

Like I said we will help you get out here and pay for the first months rent while we feel your out here.

What we expect from you:
To be able to run a short path with zero assistance
To be very familiar with short pathing multiple different cannabanoids preferably cbd and d8
Having minimum 1 full year of running a short path almost daily. 2 years atleast is what we are looking for primarily though.
To be a chill addition to our team and take direction. Be prompt detail oriented and able to communicate well.
Working the night shift you have to be able to relay everything to the next shift without any issues.
Confident enough in your craft that we don’t have to leave any oversight or management there during your shift (nothing more will be required of you during these times of non supervision besides conpleting the short path runs laid out for you)


Good luck @Siosis, HNY buddy!

Sounds like a dream opportunity for the right candidate.


Are the salaried hours limited to 40 a week?

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Florida I’m guessing

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I’m I missing something here??

$25 an hour for 60 days then you come on full time for a demotion?

$25x40 hours = $1000 a week x 52 weeks = $52000

But if they come on full time. $50000 / 52 = $962 a week or $24 an hour if only 40 hrs worked…

What am I missing @Siosis? What’s the catch?

Seems a bit low for a spd savant.


You forgot Salary = unlimited hours, so more hours for less?


:joy: I had all this typed out and erased it in favor of what I posted above :joy:


maybe im missing something? You know… maybe if you come on full time you can put all the hemp flowers daily you can fit in your pockets? maybe take all the oil you can fit in your backpack? maybe there are benefits not listed like your allowed to borrow the equipment when your shift is over? the possibilities are endless.


I need an unemptiable jar of A++ buds, and a pack of papers and crutches. Fair warning: there will be a joint hanging out my mouth the whole time I’m distilling for $25/hr.


i think for $25 an hour… if you dont burn down the lab yearly… Your ahead of the game!

Now i dont think someone should be paid 125K a year either. But 52K to work on a 20L SPD all the time… I think you should be making 60K plus incentives at least…


Yeah, those gonna have to be disty blunts!:joy:
…and weekly trips to the social club!


Are you supplying food for them?

50k in WA is hard to live on, maybe it’s cheaper living there (if that’s the case, my bad)


On a serious note. A large spd is like a musical instrument.

I can make sound come out of your guitar. Lots of sounds. Myself and anyone who has ever heard me attempt to play a guitar will tell you I’m not a musician.

Spd is similar. There’s a lot of people out there who can make sounds come out, and very few first chairs at the philharmonic.


In central Florida $25/hr for a starting position is great pay. If it moves to $50k a year salary then I’m sure their are incentives.


thats really dependent on state and job duties and the ethics of the employer and how well they like to follow basic wage laws.

In Oregon this person would be allowed to be on salary (non exempt) but it would still qualify them for paid overtime as they are not managing 2 people or doing sales or marketing which would then classify them as exempt and not required of paid overtime.


Hey if you Wana pay me 100k a year to come pack packages I’m down man! Otherwise if you think someone should earn 70k a year for just running a short path well without any other responsibilities you’ve been putting something a little extra in those blunts of yours lately

edit this isn’t Miami lol


A nice house in Orlando will cost 1500-2500 a month.

A nice apartment will cost 1200-1500$ a month.

Orlando is fairly cheap living expense wise. Both my technicians hve worked their way up to around 45k a year currently and I taught them both to run a shortpath and now they’re pros.

But I don’t have time to teach someone I want someone to come on ready to rock and roll.

Switching to salary guarantees you the hours and opens you up for annual bonuses.

Hourly at 25$ an hour could mean not full 40 hour weeks when needed, no paid time off, and typically smaller bonuses.

I understand the compulsion to troll is built into the standard future 4200 person but damn. Quick with the trigger these days. Must be slow months around here?

If anyone wants a job at a chill place and wants to learn how to run additional machinery while getting paid well in a cheap place to live let me know.

Y’all may now commence the trolling again


I need to type up a new resume. And I may not be a “savant”, but I have no doubt that I can run a 20L spd. I also need a reason to go back home, and this is reason enough. My little brother lives in Orlando/Kissimmee, so there’s family close


Ok, so the bottomless jar and one trip a week to the social club with @Killa12345 and I’m in.