Need some plant knowledge.... issues!

This is the first time plants look like this… And I can’t for the life of me figure out what is going on…

Stunting bad,
no big leaves,
molting effect,
Possible virus…verticillium ??

photos below, what do you guys think is going on? Any advice or ideas to aid in the issues stated above gladly welcomed…

Any one heard of Verticilliumit? Or know if that’s what’s happening? Any knowledge appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Really appreciate everyone here, thank you in advance!


“If you peel back the bark, you’ll see dark streaks on the wood. If you cut through a branch and look at the cross section, you’ll see rings of dark color. These discolorations in the wood can help you tell the difference between verticillium wilt and other plant diseases.”

Read more at Gardening Know How: Verticillium Wilt Treatment: What Is Verticillium Wilt And How To Fix It


Thanks, I’ll look into it right now.

Russet mites. Or broad


Thanks, Any recommendations / advice If so.

If its either broad or russet mites and the plants are suffering that noticeably you would see damage that is very clearly caused by them. Can you provide some close ups of the plants for us? Focus on areas of greater damage so we can get a look at the condition of the foliage. Be on the lookout for the following signs for mite damage:

Note the brownish tint and the speckling on the leaves that almost look like trichomes. Sign of russet mite damage, observe closely with a 60-100x scope.

Note the warped condition of the foliage, that kind of twisting and shriveling is indicative of a broad mite infestation and your cannabis plant will look the same.

Both of those insects are difficult to see with the naked eye until the infestation has spread significantly. If you don’t see anything like this than you’re more likely looking at some form of disease.


I had to get a 60-100 scope to see russet mites. I proceeded to decontaminate myself and burn my clothes to avoid contamination afterwards.


Good note, I wrote that in without being 100% on the magnification needed I’ll correct that in my post


Russets were my first thought as well.
Especially if they are being watered and top-dressed thoroughly.

If they are russets, kill everything. Easily the most difficult pest I’ve ever dealt with


My first guess would be pythium, fusarium or verticillium. If its any of those they will not recover at this stage. It doesn’t look like broads or russets to me. Best way to tell which fungus/ disease it is it to send tissue to an agricultural lab. Just tell them its hemp.


IMO this is a virus, you’ll hear this called ‘dudding’ or ‘dudding out’. @pipsweed on IG would be the guy to talk to about this particular issue, he did a lot of work trying to fight it… ultimately he shitcanned every affected plant in his garden and started over, as it spreads.

*edit: This site is helpful when identifying cyclamen/russet family mites

ENY-874/IN1053: Pest Identification Guide Broad Mite, Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks)

if you have a broadmite problem you’d have little to no pistil development on your plants. the leaf color wouldnt be a gradient of brown/yellow to green from bottom to top of the plant (opposite in fact) the pistils/stigma would all be browned out and look like they were seeded. Definitely scope them to rule it out, easy way to know for sure is looking for males carrying females or egg clusters that I refer to as an “easter” egg.


You are reffering to hops latent viroid or hplv. CPS labs near Sacramento can test for it for 75 bucks a sample. I am currently dealing with it. Once you learn to use the correct cultural controls and ID infected plants its not too bad.


thats the one, thank you! i couldnt think of the acronym for the life of me.


A lot of gg4 back in 2013-2015 had issues of “dudding”. I remember countless posts/threads about it.


Cal Mag


Yup, that one and Sherb.

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1 once rubbing alcohol 79% per gallon of water with few drop of soap or triple threat perter mite and predatory nematodes.



60% of the time, works every time…


How many plants affected? Do you all have symptoms? Did you reuse recycle soil? Have you used any fungicides? Do you top dress feed?
How long has this been a problem? Have you cleaned out and cut out the bad areas? Have you sprayed anything? Dawn, hydrogen Peroxide mix, The calmag suggestion wasn’t bad. If you’re desperate I would buy some sulfur powder spread across your soil. Without knowing if there is a bug or a fungus or a mold you’re going to have difficulties finding help for your plant Imo…Best of luck!

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I have a plant that’s wilting and looking like crap at the top and it’s progressing down. Last year I planted a plant in this exact same spot that had the exact same issues . I Have a few more plants with similar issues but they don’t look as severe ( droppy leaves at the top ) . Last year o thought it was a root disease so I watered with hydrogen peroxide to try to kill any possible bacteria that might be causing it , it didn’t seem to help much tho . Plant didn’t completely die last year but it’s yield and quality where shit . Any ideas on what I’m dealing with?