Need some help on building my extractor

Hello everybody I’m new to working with extractions I’ve been growing cannabis now for 3 and a half years and I’m looking to get into extractions I’ve got a basic concept for my extractor I need some help figuring this all out I’m going to start with what I’ve got for my idea on my setup I would like some guidance on putting me on the right track

@Killa12345 I’ve seen you in a lot of the threads I’ve been reading and would love if you could chime in with some help here looking to not blow myself up lol I haven’t purchased anything yet but I have some cash to burn I would be doing about 1-2 ounces per run


Note: a lot of things were changed from my original design (thanks to all the members of this community)


@Hansel I’m not sure if that’s the way I’d go for myself I don’t see a need for 4” spools if I’m only running 1-2 ounces I feel like a 2 inch spool or 1.5 would be the max for me at the moment
What do you mean by a 4” shower head top cap (again very new to this so there’s some terminology I’m going to be unfamiliar with)

I was also unsure about the ball valve in between my material column and my filter column should I just open blast right through it or use the ball valve and blast into the material chamber let it sit for a few minutes then drop it to the filter (I feel like because I won’t be able to sustain cryogenic temps long enough I shouldn’t let the tane sit in the material too long otherwise I might carry more undesirables along for the ride that I’d have to clean up more after the run)

Simply a reference.

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What are you going do for a collection pot and recovery tank?
Have you thought about how you want to source your solvent?
Building an extractor isn’t too hard, what are you goals with the machine besides the 1-2 oz per run?


I’d like to be able to filter it in line so I don’t need a Büchner funnel setup I was going to collect into a Pyrex dish in a water bath and then redisolve in 190 everclear for winterization to get rid of any lipids etc that came along for the ride my end goal is to make stable shatter or be able to harvest THCA diamonds if possible

For the Pyrex dish I was thinking if I needed help getting through the filter media I could vacuum assist it to the dish using a cover and go hose barb from the extractor to the kid that I could put a hose barb on and then have a flare fitting on the lid to go to my pump

I also already have a 3 gallon vacuum chamber with a glass lid and a 2 stage 5cfm vacuum pump (overkill I know)

Later down the road I would be expanding my setup for a dewaxing column and I’d like to go to a 4 inch splatter platter and maybe eventually if it’s worth the money a way to recover the butane to reuse it later on

@Soxhlet I have not thought about where I’m going to source my solvents yet I’m looking to try and take one thing at a time so I don’t confuse myself jumping around

Extractor setup/process
Filter medias
Solvent source
Winterization tips
Purging tips

Also please note I do already have a 500ml Büchner funnel and 500ml flasks for filtering if I’m not able to do the in line filtering for now

If an open column is the goal it looks by your drawing you are 90% of the way there.
I would add a filter plate with some sort of filter paper under the material column, the screened gasket might blow out. I would also ditch the tubular sight glass, that is a very weak point in the system. Personally I wouldn’t run any sight glasses on the column. You may want to incorporate a pressure relief valve as well.

Be extremely careful when running that thing, never run it where gas can pool and ignite.
You are the first line in keeping your own butt safe. Always pressure test your gear and never set yourself up to be in an unsafe situation.


You may source canned gas refills for now until you require more.
How often did you want to run this thing?

I’d be running it for 1-2 batches every 3 months roughly

Id say you could stick with canned gas, later when you upgrade to reusing your solvent you can distill your gas.

So ditch the sight glass should I use another spool for filtering instead?

And where would I place the pressure relief valve?
Is the pressure gauge I want on the system even necessary?

Also do you mean a filter plate like this?

yes and yes.
The gauge certainly dosen’t hurt, but isn’t absolutely necessary. Although I would absolutely have the pressure relief valve.

Also I have a very big yard I can do this in along the woods so in terms of it being able to pool In the area I’m working and ignite the chance is very low and I’m well aware of not having a blunt or any sparks or embers nearby

Might be good to have a fire extinguisher/hose and a shovel too.


So more like this for a setup?
What should I use as paper in with the filter plate?
Would 2.5 micron filter papers that I could cut to size work? Or would I just stuff coffee filters in?

The 450 gram one is what I first used.

Would probably want to add a couple filter plates below that are a smaller micron

For the bottom of the column a coffee filter works. Get some filter papers for your filter plate like the same ones you use for your buchner funnel. Then shove a wadded up coffee filter on top of that. If you want to run through filter aids for color removal you may need the n2 gas to push it, it is kind of had to boost pressure out of cans.

updated pic looks good.

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