Need help from a pro with cbd to thc isomerization

Hello, I am new here and thankfull for all serious answers.
Is this Equipment well enough for a conversion of cbd to thc?
I only want to work in small batches and it is ok for me if the end product is both delta 8 and 9

What acid and solvents are best for this process?



What you are showing is just an older short path distillation system, you still would need a vacuum pump and heater for your condenser just to operate it.

Really best you could do with that is throw some T5, T41, or carbon in the flask and distill some cbd distillate/isolate to make low purity d8.

If you are wanting to making higher purity d8 or even attempt d9 you going to need a small reactor, rotovap, filtration equipment and nitrogen/argon. I guess at a smaller scale you could do the reaction in your boiling flask instead of a small reactor and do water washes in a sep funnel.

As far as acids and solvents most d8/d9 conversions use either ptsa or phosphoric acid and heptane or ethanol. Older d9 methods use zinc bromide/chloride.

Also be aware that d8 conversion is much easier and getting 80-90% is realistic, d9 is more difficult and you’ll typically be hitting 60-70% on most older methods and you’ll need great care of keeping everything dry and under inert atmosphere. There is newer ways of hitting higher purity d9 but usually they involve pyrophoric chemicals that are very dangerous to work with.

You definitely have a ways to go before attempting conversions, I would recommend to first get a feel for even running a short path system.

Since you said it’s ok that the end product has both d8 and d9 here’s a process I posted for making a 1:1 d9:d8 from cbd distillate by refluxing T41 in heptane if you want to get your feet wet. You’d probably need to drop the temp to 70-75c for 4hrs when using cbd isolate however:


Does all that come with an iv bag? Op’s gonna need a few bags.




I hear it comes with a helicopter ride too

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