Need help asap, zero flow...

Help zero flow don’t know what to do…should I hear my tank or the column? OR…? Not using crc…

Had a few drips and then it stopped…

Nitro assist changed the game for me. Its hella cheap. But if it clogs like that I suggest stepping away for a while, collecting your thoughts and most of the time it works itself out if pressure is on the correct side


I feel like my big ass pump should be sucking that shit down no problem…how are people running warm tane and using dry ice? They have to heat the tank every time?

I’ve never met someone who runs hot tane unless making crude.

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I’ve had it 30 psi on top of the material column and negative 30 in the collection pot, freaking out for an hour, walked away for an hour, came back and all tane was in the collection


Also one of your columns is closed on the top and bottom. Also what is a “big ass pump” exactly? I find a little vac pump to pull a clog better then a trs (not that a trs is big, just saying).
Just make sure ur venting the room if you’re pulling the vac w gas in the system

Uhhhh, more like make sure you’re using a c1d1 rated pump or a recovery pump designed to move refrigerants. You trying to light this guy on fire?

If you’re column isn’t dumping it’s because you don’t have a difference in pressure. Make sure your solvent tank is cold as fuck and it should make its way through. How long? Depends on the pressure difference. Be safe fam

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I have a cmep6000.

No black market lab has a c1d1 booth. This is clearly a black market lab

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Oh right. Ya make sure all ur pumps and and fans are spark free. Ur def right about that

What if I cut out the alcohol from my coils? I don’t need to have it that cold…right? I just want there to be enough pressure in my tank to do a run without it stalling…jesusth christ-th

Tell us the pressure every step of the way. That’s the most important aspect

Bro I told you what to do already…


You said add 2lbs of propane right?



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How would he add propane without cleaning it to an already in motion run

Mabey they’re just wasnt enough tane to begin w

Because you only need propane gas not liquid so it will clean itself. Ideally out of a 25 Lb tank with no diptube. Or any tank with no diptube.

Close the valves and change hoses to push the gas straight into the top of column. Your hose could leak butane when changing mid run so be prepared to ventilate safely


If you have a cmep you can close the top of the column and open up your recovery valve to try and push the solvent. Otherwise I’d recommend a hot vapor loop