Need Cat 2 (clean distillate)


Hello my forum friends,
I’m looking for distillate and need to purchase 20L at first for testing and the actual order will be 1000L if the labs come back clean. All transactions through escrow and lawyer. No BS no Fake COA pls. This will be a monthly order and clients are well funded. Email me at


@Phyzedd. Hello saw your post. We own a California licensed and bonded escrow company. We do cannabis holding transactions and only charge 1%. We now work with a bank who will take cash deposits for escrow. We can then wire final funds out. PM me if you need that.

On the distillate our lab will soon be producing Cat 2 license to license oil. Our max is 150L a week

I’ll reach out once set up to see if you still need fulfillment. What price point?


Do you still need the THC cat 2 distillate?


Yes please


I am in need of such a holdings company right now what’s the best way to get in contact with you?


Contact Shannon our escrow manager at 951-471-2500

We can help you

Look forward to working with you


Just saw this, we have supply. However you said you would reach out to me when you are ready & I never heard from you. If you need THC Distillate let me know


Top quality thc distillate and cbd isolate powder available for sell
Text us via (424) 305-6441 for more details.


Hello if you still have Cat 2 Distillate call me at 530-308-0795 I have a client looking to buy


Jeter If you still have Cat 2 Distillate call me at 530-308-0795 looking for 100 liters a week to start must be 85% THC or better pass Cat 2 testing I have LOI in hand and POF ready to go.


Hi Bryn,

Need LOI & POF before I contact lab for price - lab rules. Please list deal points in LOI & price willing to pay. Too many unicorns out there shopping for prices & need that info. Email to Sorry for late reply but was at my sons soccer tournament & no cell reception.



Lmao unicorns have asked me for the same but I ain’t got it like that chief


TEXT ME PLEASE bob at 8184711928. Im interested in testing product for my Shop.


Jeter Can you Text me Please I am interested in Cat 2 50 litters per order…


What is your budget? Have some access but want to make sure it’s reasonable price


I have 400L - 500L monthly distillate CAT 2 buyer. Will reach 1000L within few months. need 85% THc and have COA. POF ready and LOI as well. We can do weekly contract good for 1 year with LAB and renew as market changes. Please reach out to me directly as we need qualified Lab that can supply this right away. Email - or call me at directly at 949-800-6848 ( our answering machine please just leave message). This weeds out the Robo calls. Thank you and Please serious Lab guys only.


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Pleas email me, we can supply pol direct with the lab, as well as lab owners. Can supply ASAP


Dm plz


Hello. I’m I’m very interested in cat 2 distillate as well