Need Cat 2 (clean distillate)


forgive my ignorance, but what is class 2?


Pesticide screening in California


ahhh, thx


Ah the 100L a week script.

1000L? Do you guys believe this? Really? does anyone understand the amount of product that would make? The labor needed to package? The market needing to purchase said products? Is this person a broker? Its all the same fishy story.


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David, you will need to become a verifyed vendor to advertize your wares here. Please contact @Future for verification.


What is your budget? I have a licensed lab and licensed distro in Cali


I’m looking for 50L/week of cat2 distillate, in Orange County California. I can be reached at (714) 917-9305


Hi Donna, can you please reach me at 240.603.7376 or thank you! my licensed brands are looking for CAT2 distillate varying amounts 50L-100L-1000L weekly. Spot test. They can do LOI and POF atty to atty with escrow transaction and need SOP. Thank you!


sent you an email about this!


Niko, What’s your email?


emailed you as well.



Hello, We would be happy to help. We are a new lab looking for consistent clients
CAT2 Distillate
License to License
+90%THC, COA Available
MOQ 5 Liters
Max 200 Liters week
$8000-8300 liter
Delivery Available in LA / OC / SD


Ok I’ll reach out to you today. Sorry for the delay!


Do you have any samples my in house QC could test? we are interested but would like to see your best sample before we seriously look at this. Potency testing and I would like to do pesticide testing as well. Cheers, let me know if that is possible.


I can get you sample on Monday, send me your contact info or reach out to me then.




We currently have 10L of cat2 licensed distillate available if anyone is looking to purchase. We are looking for a licensed buyer to contract 10-25L wkly. Our product is very good pest free testing in the mid 90’s. If there is any interest please email me


100 grams goes for $500 lemme have your email or contact number to chat more better


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