Need Cat 2 (clean distillate)


perhaps you dident read my post.

Get verifyed, contact @Future


Hello, I’m sorry about that. I click on the @future link but don’t see a link to message him in his profile page. What is the link titled? Thank you


Send him a personal message, click on his avatar and click the button that says “message”.
Be paitent, he has a new kid and its christmas.

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I see his stats, replies, topics badges etc but no button saying message. Perhaps I don’t have permissions with such a young account?


like this

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I don’t have that button. Should I message Jim cane?


no, don’t mesaage jim unless you want to chat lol!
perhaps they changed some stuff reguarding the length of time you need to be active to post a message. @sidco you have a good guess?


As a basic user, you should now be able to send private messages. Welcome to Future4200 and good luck with your verification!


i also need that clean tested distillate.

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