Need a vessel for etoh recovery


I’m converting a still to run under vacuum and need some kind of receiving flask (10-40L) for super cheap to run under vacuum. I was thinking an ideal system would be a few kegs run inline in an ice bath.

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas for fittings on the keg. I was worried tacking a vacuum port on the surface would compromise the structural integrity of the keg. Is there anything off shelf I could use? Is it as simple as cutting off the top fitting and welding on a cap with a downtube and takeoff valve?

Or if you have ideas for something cheaper that I can just go and buy I’d be super happy to get on that!


@cyclopath does your keg system run under vacuum? Or do you have any ideas for fittings?


This is so funny. I was just about to create this exact topic. I was also concerned about the strength of the keg. I go down to roughly -28 inHg (50,000 micron) when running the roto.
Only thing i can think of is a 12" SS column with two 1/2 inch ports on the cap


There are 2" tri clamp tops that will turn any senke keg into a vessel. A yeast brink would have a bottom 1.5" triclamp port and a top 4" triclamp


Arent kegs rated for pressure and not vacuum? Someone said it wasnt a good idea to pull relatively deep vac on a keg, maybe they didnt know what they were talking about?


I think there’s been plenty on the board already that have used kegs for vacuum vessels. But yes they are not rated for vacuum. If you want something rated for vacuum don’t expect it to be"cheap" lol.


I was under the impresion they were using them for transferring vessels not collection vessels under “deep” vacuum. But if ur right, ill be estatic


I know USA labs uses them for buchner filtration which is a vacuum application. As to what level of vacuum they can withstand. I guess we won’t know until someone puts one to the test lol


I have used full vacuum on a 5gal corny keg without it imploding. I imagine as you get bigger this becomes more an more dicey.


I think I’m just trying to pull 26-27" I think I’d wanna run on 20-30L kegs anyhow, much easier for transferring and putting into my freezers overnight!

Anyone know how to modify one? Do I need to remove anything? Can I just get the adapter from Amazon?


Also you can get a genuine vacuum rated vessel of that size for like $400 if you want to go for quality.




I have repeatedly connected kegs to pumps nominally rated at 50microns, and not collapsed one.

That doesn’t mean you can’t, just that I’ve never actively tried :wink:

I’ve collapsed a 55gal drum with a hand pump ( simply forgot to open the vent!!)

Having a keg with nothing in it collapse isn’t likely to ruin much more than the keg, if it’s partially filled with liquid, it probably won’t collapse. Because: vapor pressure…

Not saying they’re rated. Just that sucking on them to move liquid around works well. As does positive pressure.


Awesome thx!
Any tips on the adapter setup? Or if I need to do any mods to it?



Future4200 said kegs are good for deep vacuum on instagram, so im leaning towards a keg system.

$317 (shipping and tax included)
For a 15 gallon 2 inch triclamp keg with dipstick triclamp adapter.

They also have this 4" triclamp keg with a 1.5" triclamp bottom drain port for $245


Looks like they raised the price 45 bucks on that yeast brink. Someone must have ratted us out that we are using these. We should probably stop posting links to our deals we find


The pure flo b-80 that waxplug uses went up like 5 fold In the last 2-3 weeks.

It’s gonna happen. Hopefully we won’t be the ones paying the inflated prices. This is still sooo cheap. Making something like this in steel would be sooo much more than buying a repurposed keg. At the end of the day, this is still a steal.


It’s not about the cost anymore its getting personal for me lol I hate seeing ppl inflate the prices for shit that we use in this industry. The prices for material is getting too cheap for this cannabis tax business model to sustain itself.


I seen that keg the other day when I stopped in for parts.