Need 20 million lbs of 10%+ Biomass

Need in mid West and East Coast, currently have 5 mil set aside in Oregon need more, please advise.

Buyer & funds verified thru attorney & bank.

Headed to Oregon HOLLA !


Price looming to pay per%?

Can help with that. 3.40 per point 10%

So this would be $680mil to fulfill at that rate.

Congrats to whoever fills the order.


Only one group in the country has it available. I walked every lot that was “available” and truly on one group has it.

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The most I’ve seen in CO is ~8mil#.

An alternative method to fill this order, on a more realistic timeframe, would be to contract 10k-20k acres of canopy.

Yeah that’s true, EU product as well. It’s probably lilus garden who wants the biomass they have been begging for ours

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Saw someone requesting 35,000kg/mo in isolate…thats about 22mil #/yr

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Possible but won’t be made with domestic hemp

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Texas and Brazil, the two cultivation environments I am most excited about.

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$3.25-$3.40 ppp

We went to a place said had 5 mil lbs in Oregon, we showed up last night to buy and they only had 150k lbs…smh

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IMO it would be better to buy crude based on the # volume needed. Stores better and processing is a known value.

Also helps the farmer focus on dumping to a trusted processor rather than sitting on biomass in the off chance someone like you buys it all at once. @GanjaSolutions

We already insane acres that on lock for future endeavors in other countries…however we prefer to buy from people who got futures in the past to buy them in the present…besides if we took that advice then that would be a slap to the farmers who grew all this biomass cuz someones gotta get it the domestic & its gonna be our group, hoping for support so you or whomever involved can get written into the fee agreement.

Ah that’s thinking I like !

Hexane or heptane extraction will revolutionize production volumes. Why use ethanol when I can wash a silo full of biomass at once? Having acreage on contract will make production so easy.


What’s the benifits of using hexane and heptane compared to eth ? Same method of extraction, soak reclaim etc ?

I think hes refering to the solvent to biomass ratio. Ethonal uses 10:1 ratio, hexane heptane uses a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio of solvent to biomass. Every part of the process is 5x-10x faster.


The process occurs at ambient temp and you can crystallize in the extraction solvent.

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Yeah once you buy one of those cup 30s and falling film you pretty much locked in to needing at least 20,000 lbs per month, and that’s with just one. My guess is you have a few of them. truth is you put about 12 to 15 of those machines in a warehouse and you can process all the Cannabis that California has to offer