Nano powder and capsule filling tolling needed

Hey everyone,

We are want to turn out d8 into nano powder and also offer them in capsules. This power would be used for drinks and also edibles. We have been quoted 1k per liter and .03 cents per capsule and 25cent bottled. Would start with 5 liters.

Please let me know,

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That .03/capsule is a steal. Probably hard to beat. What company is offering that price?


I hope you have cleaner products than the last stuff you were showing off before you start trying to make lipsomal delivery methods for your 30% unknown chemicals

The liability issues from taking a novel, badly synthed drug and making it absorb a lot better make my brain hurt


I’m sorry you feel that way. Yes there is unknown cannabinods in the oil and unfortunately thats where we are in the industry. There is 113 cannabinoids identified for far and we can test for less than 20. With regards to saying our oil isnt clean I completely disagree with you. Our oil is as clean as can be which is shown in the lab reports as zero parts per billion of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins. Parts per billion is the single most stringent regulatory standard by which cannabis is adjudged in the world. However if you mean to apply having 30% unkown cannabinods is a kin to having dangerous unkown chemicals in a sample you may be in the wrong forum and courting the wrong culture. To each there own and your entitled to your opinion. We will have a 95% oil that will cost more and you can choose with your dollar what is best for you. Also I have personally tested all of my products and they are phenomenal. If you can offer something better then please do.

I will report back once contract is completed and its successful before i send anyone there.

you are assuming that the 30% is cannabinoids when the fact of the matter is you have no idea what it is. I understand that there isn’t standards to determine what the other chemicals are present. In no way am i “in the wrong forum and courting the wrong culture” last i checked most of us give half a damn about our customers health.


Oh man you arent going to share your intelligence with the future4200 community so we can all level up together?

No issues all. The company is @ARSNLabs they lost their level 3 verification and so i wanted to vet them first before others go there. But i will be happy to update here when completed

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Thank you for sharing

I disagree with what you are saying. I and many other have personally tested the oil and its great. I have had 60% bho, 80% distillate , 20% flower and i have never had a problem. If you can do it better please do. I 100% care about the products im selling, I 100% stand by them and from what I can read from all the regualtions im completely in line with federal law. I often see you doing lots of enforcement on here and thats great but however about offering something improvements on some of these teks especially if you are so passionate. I welcome criticism especially constructive criticism but when im being slandered I have an issue with that. At the end of the day when i see the amount of unknowns that majority of people smoke sure as pesticide ridden cannabis, distillate etc this is a far better choice and is backed by full panel tests down to ppbs.

I am in no way trying to slander you. Stop getting offended and reread what i said. I am attempting to give you constructive criticism, which is this: Don’t try to sell d8 with a ton of mystery chemicals as an impurity, and especially don’t enhance the absorption of said mystery chemicals. The unknowns in your d8 aren’t like the unknowns in flower or other naturally occurring products. These are side reactions of chemical synthesis. They could be harmless, or massively carcinogenic. Neither you nor i know the safety profile of the other chemicals, and I wouldn’t use my customers as guinea pigs


I hear you. We will just have to disagree. I have listened to what you have said and i believe you have listend to me. You are more than welcome to try any of our products. Apart from that we will just have to repsect each others different points of view


Got ya, k thought they were producing soft gels but it is a 2 part capsule. I am looking for someone to produce soft gels for .03 cheeeers

I think what @ProENdo is trying to say, is “he hears you”, but his thirst for dalla dalla bill yo is greater than his give a shit for selling unknowns in his material, and compounding that by nano-ing up the consequences of his unknowns.

Sooo thirsty for the dollah, what could possibly go wrong?


Did you ever get a chromatograph from that full panel test? That would show at least where those mystery peaks are.

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That was pretty much what i gathered from the exchange. They failed at making a good synth and are trying to offload their chemical soup on the public


Seems like that same thirsty move f’d the vape market…


This could do more damage than what honeycutt did to the vape market.

But remember, it’s just my opinion that it could be unsafe to feed people mystery chemicals

if the impurities end up causing harm, and @ProEndo ends up in court, this thread will come back to bite them in the ass HARD

I got some sketchy D8, I know for a fact there are residual bad elements from some of the conversion methods.

You are entitled to you opinion amd i dont want to argue. I have made my point clear and i dont need to state it again. We will be offering 95% also and we can just let the consumer decide what is best for them. If you think my oil isnt for you thats fair enough. I have shown my full panel results for transparency.