MZ12X organic solvent ??

Hay Guys
Just found this MZ12X organic solvent. MZ-12X – our revolutionary cannabis oil extraction formula – is a replacement for butane and propane extraction processes. It was designed with one purpose in mind: superior extraction, superior safety and superior end product quality. MZ-12X pulls both terpenes and CBDs from the whole cannabis flower while maintaining incredible product taste, smell, clarity and high THC values. Taken from there website, which is -

Anyone have any experience/ thoughts

Graywolf looked into this a few years ago - check out this thread for more info:

I believe there’s an ICmag post about it also.


Is it just dimethyl ether?

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Ye a think so, don’t think al be using it tho, the propellant is co2, and my solvent tank is just a stainless “container” that pops dings with pressure/vacuum, so think it would be a 1 hit wonder or 1 hit waste

Yes iT is DME


Man this stuff is still around?? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::joy:


Great info @returnoftheG sounds like making oil with meth

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I know rite

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Please No dme. Those guys r straight clowns. Were trying to say on Instagram that it won’t explode or is flammable complete deception. Look it up Nfpa ratings. Straight can slingers. They promote open blasters and I was calling out that guy Alan who works with them a while back for their lies and he straight up tried to tell me that it was so safe u could eat it lolol


I mean as long as you don’t open blast it looks like a pretty great solvent

Graywolf is the man for that lol


IT has a Hugh vapor pressure and bp -46C of the top of My head
Wich makes iT hard on recovery When active and passive


I’ve been using MZ12X for about a year now with great success. With minor modifications to your CLS you can achieve just as good if not better quality and insanely flavourful terpene profies.

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Company back from the grave trying to establish more customers? Hahahaha.

Not here.

I remember when these clowns first came out with the snake oil


“just as good if not better quality .”

show us pics


Pics or it didn’t happen


What mods would one require to run this stuff in a cls

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I had issues cleaning up stuff made with mz12x
This is after I tried color remediation


Lol that color didn’t look that bad to me but I have a friend in Spain that uses dexo or dextro, and every extract is dark amber and slightly opaque cloudy

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Dexo is polar like hell it pulls chlorofyl