My wax doesn't crumble or budder up

So to make this quick, ive read several threads and they were great help for information etc.
But when i folllow peoples “tutorials” i can’t get my wax to change consistensy.
What i tried for 2 days:
Whip my wax (it changes color and consistensy slightly) and then put it in the oven at 25C for a hour at full vac.
Then i take it out and whip it and repeat, but it still goes back to the starting consistensy…
Am i whipping to little or what?

What i tried today:
Same thing but sligtly higher temperature (35-45C) and still nothing new.

When i left my workspace today i left the wax in the oven at 45C and i will let it be there until tomorrow, but i cant make it dryout or im doing something wrong lol, any help or tips?

Some info to add: the starting consistensy is like sap, you can pull it but it doesn’t snap by itself.
I make my wax from hash.
Can upload a video tomorrow to show.

Drill dab tool and a strong arm. Keep goin.
Some strains wont budder or crumble easily


Have you tried heating whipping, heating whipping? Using a hot plate? If you have pictures I could better see whats going on. Also EHO or BHO?


Stainless steel chopstick and a drill will be your friend if your making alot.


Ive only tried whipping directly when taking it out from the oven, im using a pyrex glas dish.
Also this concentrate was extracted using acetone (no hate please :smiley:) but i will do ISO in the future.

Will upload a video or picture and i can show how it looks, it does change color when i whip it but not really much consistensy change.

How long would you recommend whipping each time? To be honest ive only been whipping like 20min per time when taking it out of the oven, but maybe a good 40min per time is good…?

That extract goes in the trash. It will never be safe for consumption. Aside from that, you may have gone too hot today, and if you decarb it enough you’ll never reach the consistency you’re after.


There is no acetone or crap left in from the acetone so its safe to smoke lol, not sure how it would get decarbed so fast though if ive done temperatures under 50C?
Isnt there any way to dry it out with my vacuum oven even though if it would be decared?

I will do a new fresh run tomorrow on 10G hash and i will be using ISO, hopefully i can get a different consistensy because when i used acetone i always get that sap texture.
Doing wax on hash should be no different from doing on fresh buds? (Except the color i guess)

Yeah your first and second mistakes are using acetone and iso(isopropyl?) For extraction techniques. I hope you don’t give these dabs to other people… decarbing can happen at 40C. It takes much longer but under vac or at atmosphere it will still happen. When whipping you might as well use a hot plate to get those residual solvents off. This will also help with drying it off.


I cant really blast out here so ISO (99.5%) is my only new option unless someone have any other tip for me, it cant be any gas though.
I labtested my first acetone run awhile ago and it didnt show anything except stuff from the hash though so whats the problem lol? Anyways not here to talk about acetone or iso, just to get help.

I will try whip it from the beggining with my new iso run tomorrow, will be back if i get any different results else its back to square one :laughing:

Ethanol, rotovap.

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Run ethanol?

Acetone and isopropanol are both class 3 solvents, same class as ethanol. Do you want to smoke them? Absolutely not. Do you need to throw the oil out because it was made with it? Absolutely not. I don’t have an issue with using hyperbole to stress that people properly purge their solvents (especially if they don’t have good access to OVI analytics). But plenty of safe medicines are made every day with solvents worse than these, and less volatile ones to boot. The guy has a vac oven, it’s the right tool for the job.

OP: soft extract in the oven usually means too much solvent or terpene left. Keep whippin


It might not have enough THC in it to actually sugar up like that. Is it a gold extract or darker color?

Have you tried using a drill

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Thank you, i made a new batch with ISO and its a lot lighter, i just think i accidently decarbed the wax when i was purging it at first (didnt have vac oven at that time).
Will get back with results on the new run.

Its darker color but i threw it away because i actually think it was decarbed when i purged it before, when i didnt have my vac oven.
I have made a new run with iso finally and it looks lightbrown/golden ish, will update when i have purged it with a picture.

Isn’t that a bit overkill? how sounds like i would break my pyrex glass lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t break your glass if you do it carefully, and you’d want your extract warm.

As far as extracting with acetone and isopropyl, considering you weren’t purging your product properly, which is apparent from your description of your end product I’d definitely recommend using something much safer to inhale in small doses… ethanol comes to mind, but what do I know?

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done it, but I recall something like 140 f and a drill with a dab tool attached to it. Pyrex on a BVV heat mat. Fully purged first ofc