My wax doesn't crumble or budder up

I cant get hold of ethanol atm but my ISO results are a lot better than my acetone runs.
It was purged “properly” it was just decarbed when purging lol, but now im doing 100% vacuum oven.
Will change to ethanol if i can find it :stuck_out_tongue:

My new ISO run made with hash, purged in vacuum oven at -29hg at 25C.
I dont think its fully purged but the difference between my acetone run and iso is night and day, atleast this i can touch with my hand without it sticking like fuck.

Will keep posting my results, at the moment i will let it stay in the oven overnight @ 29C without pulling vac.

Best of luck, you obviously already know what you’re doing.


Why are you so defensive? All ive done is listeing to what everyone have told me on this site lol, which is how my results are getting better.
I just pointed out that my other runs were purged properly :thinking:

Then you’re not listening to everyone on this site like you claim. You’ve been told by multiple people your product probably still had too much residual solvent in it, and because one guy told you otherwise you’re convinced it’s all good. You got a gcms you can send that through?

Are you filling the tubes wit bubble hash or morocan and passing iso trhu it ?

Im putting some moroccan hash in a glass bottle and fill it with 100ml iso (99.5% clean) per 10g, then shake it and then double filter it through a coffe filter, works really good what i can see right now.

Im sorry i should have been a more clear, the wax that i had when i opened this thread did not have any solvents left, ive had it for over a month and it was labtested but i threw it away anyways because i didnt like the consistensy.

It cost a lot for me to send it to lab and takes like 3-4weeks so its not really worth it, and as i also said in my recent post with the pictures, i dont think its fully purged but i wanted to upload the pics just to showof the difference.

Im not trying to sound like mr know it all and sorry if i made it sound like that lol, just got a bit irritated but it was my fault, i read it all wrong at first.

Im really eager to try ethanol aswell but i dont know what to buy, does it need to be 99%?
I am not in the USA so its not so easy to buy everything, probably need to order from another country.

I would recommend using at least 95% ethanol. I guess maybe I am being unnecessarily curt. If you can’t get 95% ethanol get 70% and reproof it with a simple still.

I’d recommend checking out the bucket tek thread. Not sure you’re scale, but if you can try to scale to at least a few lbs of trim being processed at once. Grab a panda for recovering your expensive alcohol so you can keep using it again and again, with proper reproofing, and read thelostbiologist thread for filtration solutions that’ll really turn up your game.


I’ll keep that in mind if i decide to go big, will definetly check out those threads though.

About ethanol, i can’t find shit anywhere :man_facepalming:.
Ebay / amazon doesn’t ship here right now, thank you corona.

Which Country ? I think Amazon is still working etc… All online

They are online but they dont ship to my country right now it seems, atleast the sellers ive checked.

Do you recommend whip in Pyrex / glass or silicone ? I have tried both and each have pros and cons in my opinion .

Always whip in Pyrex. We tried silicone for a while and it seemed to work well but what I noticed is that your terps will actually soak into it after a while since its so porous. Also when you go to clean them you will have residual solvent transfer from silicone back into your concentrate. Pyrex is the overall best choice. I have recently been working on redeveloping our crumble methods at the facility I’m employed with. If you need more guidance I can help you out more just DM.


Would you mind sharing your sop for ethanol crumble?

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Here, check out this link, and go through some of the posts. I see you just joined, and if you want to get by here you’ll need to like reading! You’ll be doing a lot of it if you’re serious about learning. Search results for ‘eho crumble’ - Future4200
Everything you ever wanted to know is here in 1 form another… It requires investment though


Update: we now whip in silicone with a drill and a stainless steel whipping tool made by @TwistedStill we have started purging our silicone trays in a vac oven to remove all residual solvents. 100% success rate when making shatter into crumble. @Hunnypot if you want my SOP you can buy a clue or do as suggested and read, read, read. Ethanol crumble is a little coveted secret of mine but I promise it’s not hard to do. Whip whip whip. Also just to help you a little more hot plate temps are 80C and vac oven temps are 100F. That should be more than enough to get you started.


Thank you. I appreciate everything you said but unfortunately I had to quit my dream job in extract after posting that. The Florida game is just whack ):

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Yeah its tough out here in the sunshine state. Stay strong brother. This industry had lots of opportunities. I believe if you want it bad enough you’ll be able to get back to it.

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pens? gummies? still fucking dabable…