MVP 101 Intro Questions

Pro tips for the MVP ?

What are your parameters that get you close to a pound + a min?

I’m upgrading from two trs21s. Should I put these on the shelf and run the MVP solo ?

Any hic-ups with n2 assist or CRC pressure damaging the pump ?

Should I change the size of my filter dryer?

What did you do that damaged your pump/diaphragm?
(Should I just purchase the 150 instead of the original model)

Any input would be greatly appreciated !!!

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as far as n2 assist goes just burp the solvent tank


run it through a condensing coil or heat exchanger after the pump, before your recovery tank.
use a bigger molecular sieve before the pump so you dont have to change as often.
bleed head pressure slowly from recovery tank back to your honeypot
should be fine running crc
ive never used n2, my mvp used to pull down to -25 vac if i let it.


you can play around with the CO2 operating pressure as well. i used to run the CO2 around 45-50psi.
my recovery tank used to maintain a 35-50 psi head pressure during recovering. it can be by bleeding back to the honeypot or even a secondary tank just for that head pressure.
you have to dial it in to your specific system.
i used to recover around 900lbs of tane in about 12-13 hours. 1lb-1.25lb per minute.


I hit 1 pound per minute with just a single 3/8inch recovery line 4 trs21s with ice water and coils after the pumps . I’m about to make the upgrade to 2 half inch lines and see where that puts me. I also want to crank my heat up from 80 to 110-120 f i think it will be possible to hit over 1 pound per min if i do this . I still have some nbutane in my mix but once it is all out my 70/30 iso propane blend recovers even faster . When i distilled it with no heat it recovered almost a pound a minute


my hot bath was recirculating 120f. recovery tank was jacketed and chilled


4 tr’s would be loud and hot.
How much ice do you use?
I’ve never used just ice water to recover. I have always used dry ice.

Did you notice that the MVP runs cooler compared to let’s say 4 tr’s
Did you save any dry ice ?

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my heat exchanger was on a chiller. no dry ice
i would imagine the mvp will use a little more than trs but i could be wrong.

I made a couple switches but so far I’ve hit 1.25 pounds per minute on a 12 x 16 evaporation vessel i have 2 1/2 inch lines going to a 3×12 desiccant with 2 3/8 inch lines with T’s going to the 4 TRS21 pumps then they’re t’d back together to 2 3/8 inch coils with ice water to the tank . The tank is not chilled and the coils are 30’ of 3/8 coil placed one after the other . The first coil takes all the heat and the second one you don’t have to add ice too barely . I’m thinking about trying salt ice water combo because it gets to 9 F instead of 33 F too see how fast it can speed things up . But I’m super impressed with the results so far !


Also my water temp stays between 80 -100F psi on the evaporation vessel and 40 psi. the tank maxes at 75 psi and drops very quickly to 25-50 depending on outside temp . Also i run a 70/30 Iso /pro blend . I have a pro tip i have a 3/8 inch valve with only 1/4 of flow and pushing the solvent through it for injection it will get to 5-10F with just ice in the coil because its being condensed from 3/8 to 1/4 " . So i have eliminated my all my needs for dry ice because of this and CRC !

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Christmas came early !!!
I got the 150 1ph MVP !!!
It being grounded seemed straight forward except for the green grounding screw on the top of the MVP ??
It seems as if the MVP would be grounded the way they recommend wiring it .
I couldn’t get ahold of anyone at mvp to ask them cause of mjbizz
What’s up with that green screw?

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That’s not a 3 phase…


saw the mvp150 xl at mj biz yesterday — dude from mvp said 3lbs a min on butane


I ended up getting this one . I just edited the original post.

I grounded as the instructions said.
I guess some machines need to be grounded twice.
Maiden voyage going down tonight!!!

good luck, let us know how it runs and how it was getting it set up and running the first time.

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The 150 MVP uses much less dry ice per run compared to two Trs pumps.
Its fairly loud tbh. Sounds like a tug boat to me.
It’s still not as loud as two TRs
Realized I need two jacketed collections to get the speed up to where I want it. The jacketed shatter platters aren’t cutting it.
Im hitting a pound per min out the box !
Can’t wait to see the speed on a high propane blend.