Questions about the mvp 6cfm pump.

Bout to upgrade from a cps trs21. Anything I should know? Parts that need to be replaced regularly? Special outlets or voltages? Things to maintain?

It advertises a lb per minute. What temps are needed at the collection and the recovery tank to achieve that?

doesnt like head pressure. ive never done it but they say that if head pressure goes above 70psi while in operation the thing will break. ive used mine for about 6 months without having it rebuilt. still going strong. less than 1 lb on n butane for me collection at 120 then i lower at the end. i always discharged the co2 off and closed the tank off at the end of the day also —— after leaving it charged overnight came back to an empty tank.


Thx that was extremely helpful

no problem. dont know if the price is much higher but maybe go for the mvp 150? i heard they lowered the price recently and you can run 70/30 or higher pressure blends without worrying about that 70psi thing. i felt like i was restricted to n butane bc of that. maybe i was being a little scary just didnt want to risk that